Wednesday, May 8, 2013

6th May the darkest day in my life.

So everything has became official now, I guess. Congrats to Najib Razak for being the new PM again, but to be frank I don't feel happy or proud for him cuz everyone knows what's happening. Though shits never stop and still spreading over internet and press media. I know it's not easy to #ubah, but please don't lose hope!!! I believe miracles will happen... don't give up!!! If this time things still can't get any better, then just be patience, wait another 5 years and I believe we will get what we wanted again - Justice & A Fair and Transparent Election!

A day before 13th General Election, I was so excited and I couldn't fall asleep cuz this's gonna be my first time to contribute my minimal civic duty (read: as in voting) as a Malaysian citizen :) I sat infront of the TV since 7pm, listening craps and waited until midnight for the results. I thought results will be announced on 7.30pm as told by news earlier?
I really thought we could win this time, but sadly no... apparently it was the most dirty election in Malaysia wtf :( I'm so sad and I can't accept the fact that cheating is winning... how could things happened like this? What's democracy? I doubt. I mean so many dirty tactics it was so obvious and everyone sees it, but he ignored everything and acted as if nothing really happened -_- Wow, bravo! He should go into acting and he got the great potential to win the best actor award. Thank you for your magic performance and many lousy tactics that make more people instantly see your true colors. The whole world is watching at you. Can you imagine what's gonna happen in this coming 5 years? :(

Thanks to so many social media platforms cuz we can get to see what's really going on. I can't say everything on the internet are 100% real, but I choose to believe things on internet rather than TV/newspaper. You know, freedom of media in Malaysia is limited!!! We can't blame the mainstream media, in fact should blame the one who has the power controlling them. Ugh. People are not stupid, we know what's going on, especially the youngsters, the 90's kids. You better make our nation better else you'll see what we 90's gonna do in the next coming election.

And there's one thing I don't think the PM is right to blame Chinese for the loss support and saying this is Chinese Tsunami??? What!? Now who started the racism issue? I thought everyone got the right to vote whichever party they like? Fyi, Chinese is only 1/3 population in Malaysia, how could we contributed 50% of votes to opposition party when we are only 30% of them? Hmm. Maths fail. I think there are many of non-Chinese supporting opposition party as well so don't simply mouth things that aren't fact. Oh, by the way it's nothing to do with what you have done for us, it's just us who know who can serve well for our country.

I'm also disappointed to what our former PM, Dr. Mahathir said that 'ungrateful chinese and greedy malay'. So sad cuz I used to respect him so much!!! but not anymore after I read those articles on internet. Sighs!

Well, the opposition party did a great job too! Congrats on their winning as well :) Can't wait for the 14th General Election. 5 more years to go... Believing is just a beginning, so don't lose hope people :)

Woots!!! Powerful than World Cup I think :)

Saw lotsa pictures and videos about the #508 peaceful rally at Kelana Jaya Stadium just now. Damn touched when I watched a video showing more than hundred thousands of people gathered there and sang national anthem - Negaraku together. The scenery was superb spectacular!!! Salute to those who went there to support and you guys are awesome. I wanted to go there too but sadly don't have transport :(

Inilah Malaysia. Kami anak Malaysia. This is Malaysian Tsunami instead of Chinese Tsunami!!! Somehow I think this #ge13 has united many of us, no matter what races all together that makes us truly Malaysian :) If we stand together, we will continue to be stronger.


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