Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NEW Game Addiction: LINE Play ♥

Hey guys! It's been long time since the last update, I know right. I'm so sorry for the superb late update here... feel kinda weird to be back in the blogspehere. Just realized my grammar and typing sucks cuz I dunno what to blog about -_-

Okay I'll talk about the reasons why I abandoned my blog later, next update perhaps?
So, back to the topic... yea as title written, I guess some of you know LINE Play right? Yeah, it's the recent popular mobile game, can be downloaded for FREE in Play Store or Apple Store as well.

What's so fun with LINE Play?
1. You get to design your very own avatar & decorate your dream room.
2. Social platform. Yes, you can chat with your friends & use action stickers to express yourself.
3. Take vain pics/ OOTD (outfit of the day), write diary and check out your friend's diary.

Believe it or not? I'm so addicting with this game and couldn't stop myself playing 24/7 until my mobile out of battery. lol I think I charge my mobile 2-3 time a day. seriously no joke! I even help my bf to create an account and decorate his room, guess what? I made his avatar to look like T.O.P from Big Bang! ♥ lolll  #whatfangirlwoulddo
Left: Look alike T.O.P or not??? LOL (feel free to add my bf's account: Jin Bao)
Right: me visit to bf's house hehe

Oh, by the way, I dreamt about Big Bang this morning. I can barely remember the dream story... I remember I talked to Seunggri but dunno talk about what and then suddenly T.O.P is quitting from Big Bang for no reason -_- then bla bla bla... that's all wtf. Hmm, just ignore my lame dream! lol

Okay, here's some pics of my avatar & my interior design in LINE Play. Enjoy!
Don't forget to add me: Cherish Baby ♡ and enter my invitation code: NN-9741-8302  in order to get FREE 1,000 Gems. Also, remember to send me some gifts, teehee! *winks*

Yes this is my interior design (also my dream house) which is still under construction cuz I'm still getting some inspirations to make it look more better. hehe

The theme is sweet pinkish girly room, so 99.9876% things are in pink color, I'm a pinkholic wtf lol. Yeah you can buy whatever thing/elements you like with Gems and decorate the room according to your own idea.

You know what, everything selling in LINE Play are mad chioness!!! I'm always in a dilemma what/which to buy, especially special items in Gacha Machine a.k.a toy capsule machine (扭蛋機).

Speaking of toy capsule machine... Back then, a toy capsule cost around 20¢ - $2.00, considered affordable for a kid, of course the quality is not as good as those made in Japanese one. Japanese's one is much more expensive, min cost $5 for each toy capsule but then the quality is real good lah.

During my childhood time I remember I used to collect lotsa cute keychains, accessories or fluffy toys from those tcm nearby my home, school or at grocery store with my own pocket money. Sometimes I would even beg my parents to give me some coins for toy capsule. Do you know the feeling of getting toy capsule especially when it's the item you have been eyeing off the MOST? Gossh happy like nobody's business and the feeling is like you just won a jackpot! LOL

Alright, I know I'm getting out of topic...

Wondering how to earn more Gems?
1. Invite friends in your LINE contact list. You'll get 1,000 Gems for each friend you invite.
2. Visit friends and help your friend to clean dusty furniture/watering plants/give hearts. You and your friends can both receive 10 Gems for every task you make.
3. Bathe your avatar, feed him/her and clean dusty furniture. Same as 2. one, you'll get 10 Gems for each task you do.
4. Enter your friends's invitation code. You'll get 1,000 Gems for every invitation code you enter. (only limits to 5 person.)
5. Ask your friends to enter your invitation like how I ask you guys to enter my invitation code. lol Your friend and you will also get 1,000 Gems for each invitation code enter. (up to 10 persons only)

Here's how you get your invitation code/enter invitation code: Settings > Profile > Invitation Code. 

My invitation code: NN-9741-8302

That's how to earn Gems! Easy like ABC right? So what are you waiting for? Hurry go download, design your own avatar & room and don't forget to add me and send me gifts okay! hehe See you there!

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