Wednesday, May 8, 2013

6th May the darkest day in my life.

So everything has became official now, I guess. Congrats to Najib Razak for being the new PM again, but to be frank I don't feel happy or proud for him cuz everyone knows what's happening. Though shits never stop and still spreading over internet and press media. I know it's not easy to #ubah, but please don't lose hope!!! I believe miracles will happen... don't give up!!! If this time things still can't get any better, then just be patience, wait another 5 years and I believe we will get what we wanted again - Justice & A Fair and Transparent Election!

A day before 13th General Election, I was so excited and I couldn't fall asleep cuz this's gonna be my first time to contribute my minimal civic duty (read: as in voting) as a Malaysian citizen :) I sat infront of the TV since 7pm, listening craps and waited until midnight for the results. I thought results will be announced on 7.30pm as told by news earlier?
I really thought we could win this time, but sadly no... apparently it was the most dirty election in Malaysia wtf :( I'm so sad and I can't accept the fact that cheating is winning... how could things happened like this? What's democracy? I doubt. I mean so many dirty tactics it was so obvious and everyone sees it, but he ignored everything and acted as if nothing really happened -_- Wow, bravo! He should go into acting and he got the great potential to win the best actor award. Thank you for your magic performance and many lousy tactics that make more people instantly see your true colors. The whole world is watching at you. Can you imagine what's gonna happen in this coming 5 years? :(

Thanks to so many social media platforms cuz we can get to see what's really going on. I can't say everything on the internet are 100% real, but I choose to believe things on internet rather than TV/newspaper. You know, freedom of media in Malaysia is limited!!! We can't blame the mainstream media, in fact should blame the one who has the power controlling them. Ugh. People are not stupid, we know what's going on, especially the youngsters, the 90's kids. You better make our nation better else you'll see what we 90's gonna do in the next coming election.

And there's one thing I don't think the PM is right to blame Chinese for the loss support and saying this is Chinese Tsunami??? What!? Now who started the racism issue? I thought everyone got the right to vote whichever party they like? Fyi, Chinese is only 1/3 population in Malaysia, how could we contributed 50% of votes to opposition party when we are only 30% of them? Hmm. Maths fail. I think there are many of non-Chinese supporting opposition party as well so don't simply mouth things that aren't fact. Oh, by the way it's nothing to do with what you have done for us, it's just us who know who can serve well for our country.

I'm also disappointed to what our former PM, Dr. Mahathir said that 'ungrateful chinese and greedy malay'. So sad cuz I used to respect him so much!!! but not anymore after I read those articles on internet. Sighs!

Well, the opposition party did a great job too! Congrats on their winning as well :) Can't wait for the 14th General Election. 5 more years to go... Believing is just a beginning, so don't lose hope people :)

Woots!!! Powerful than World Cup I think :)

Saw lotsa pictures and videos about the #508 peaceful rally at Kelana Jaya Stadium just now. Damn touched when I watched a video showing more than hundred thousands of people gathered there and sang national anthem - Negaraku together. The scenery was superb spectacular!!! Salute to those who went there to support and you guys are awesome. I wanted to go there too but sadly don't have transport :(

Inilah Malaysia. Kami anak Malaysia. This is Malaysian Tsunami instead of Chinese Tsunami!!! Somehow I think this #ge13 has united many of us, no matter what races all together that makes us truly Malaysian :) If we stand together, we will continue to be stronger.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Recent Addiction : BlackBall

Recently I have this habit craving of desserts. Hmm... good or bad?
Yea, am addicted to BlackBall lately!!! If you're are following my instagram, I guess you'll know that I've becoming a fan of BlackBall already and I had 2 大黑丸 (BlackBall Signature) in 2 weeks loll. I can't recall back when was the last time I had desserts, I think it's been long time already... I guess no one don't like eating desserts right, especially girls? I find myself craving for desserts the most when I'm in bad mood or hungry moment. lol #girlsbeinggirls

Actually I know BlackBall months ago when I was still studying in college (am officially graduated now). A best friend of mine told me about it, she highly recommend me to try it and kept on telling me how yummy was it.

But I didn't believe her cuz I tried Snowflake once before and I don't like it, somehow it tastes kinda weird to me. I don't know why there are still lotsa people like eating Snowflake, maybe it's just me, I don't like the herbs flavor. So eventually I thought BlackBall and Snowflake are more or less the same cuz their desserts seem similar to me so I didn't bother to try this kind of desserts again.

Months later, one day, the boyfie told me he had BlackBall with his classmates and he said it was good some more better than Snowflake. I doubt. I asked true or not, I still didn't believe him then he said will bring me go to try BlackBall someday.

And the 'someday' didn't happen until last month, I had my first BlackBall @ Damansara Uptown. lol Like finally... finally I tried it! I know right, I'm so outdated :(

We ordered BlackBall famous bestseller - The cold BlackBall Signature 大黑丸 RM6.90
Wow! The portion is big enough for two person and value for the money we paid. Looks yummy right? Got lotsa pearls, red beans, taro Q balls, grass jelly and not forgetting the shaved ice placed under those ingredients. I think the combination is just right and perfect which makes me drooling while blogging this. lol

At first, I didn't expect too much from eating this. Then when I eat the first bite, my mind was like "omg how can on earth there's something yummy like this???" *flying to the heaven* lollll surprisingly it tastes so much yummy and better than Snowflake!!! The taro balls and pearls are so springly and it has a nice smooth texture, the grass jelly base sweetness level was just right, and I can feel the minty feeling in the back of my throat while eating it. *thumbs up* Oh, don't forget to add on the optional evaporated milk, trust me, it tastes extra yummy with it :)

I will definitely come back for 3rd, 4th time... again!!! *winks*

I even commented on their Facebook page and suggested them to open outlets in Kepong so that I don't have to drive all the way down to the nearest BlackBall outlet @ Damansara Uptown. For your information, I have to go through a road toll, total of RM3.20 for travelling back and forth. I remember last time there was a outlet @ KL Festival City, Setapak but unfortunately it has closed already. -_- So I really hope they will open an outlet in Kepong, I think I will go and eat every week. lolll

Saturday, April 20, 2013

ARTY Profesional Official Launch

Months ago, I had an opportunity to attend my first ever exclusive blogger event in my life, damn excited!!! Thanks to for the free invitation passes to ARTY Professional Official Launch @ BUSABA Heavenly Thai, Bangsar Shopping Centre. So I invited my BFF, Steffi to tag along with me.

I was damn nervous cuz I just got to know that I'm the lucky winner the day before the event... lol

The dress code for the event was "Stylish in Black". I was having problems with getting black outfit cuz most of my outfits are colorful. So I decided to wear a black chiffon blouse match with a blue skirts.

PS:// I overslept that day cuz I forgot to set alarm wtf and the event was at 3pm. Luckily my BFF called my home else I'll be still sleeping. Then I quickly got all dolled up, got everything prepared just in one hour then off to go and pick up my BFF.

Me and my BFF - Steffi 

Phew! Luckily I know the place and reached on time. And I realized only few people (less than 10 people) came early, there are still a lot of people haven't reached yet O_O I personally don't think it's good to be late on events even though you're a VIP or whatsoever cuz being a good-timer can reflects your personality and attitude, unless you've got a sudden emergency. So please make sure you have a good time management and be on time always, make it as a habit or else you'll ruin your image especially on an important appointment/events :)

Hmm... I personally do think the set up of the venue is quite dark for a product launching event like this. It's hard to take pretty pics with the uneven lighting plus I don't have a good camera/DSLR with me, am so sorry for the low quality pictures as I only have my mobile - Samsung Galaxy S2 as my camera. So please bare with me. Imma get a nice camera next time okay... *winks*

Make-up bib

So while waiting for the others to come, I tried out the AP cosmetics on the table, taking pics and surprisingly food was being served as well. Yea I didn't know there'll be a refreshment for us, damn happy cuz I was rushing and didn't have time to eat breakfast at home, so this is just perfect for brunch. lol *happy girl face*

 Sandwiches & some fried thinggy

Minced Chicken Thai Salad

The food was really great! Around 4pm, the event finally started...
P'Fee, the Creative Director also the ARTY Professional MU Artist with the lady translator beside him.

For your information, Arty Professional is one of the well-known cosmetics brands in Thailand. The philosophy of the brand is emphasis on the importance of having a flawless and a radiant skin complexion cuz they strongly believes that "all make up will look great, only if the base is perfect."

Therefore it is reluctantly important to apply base a.k.a primers or complexion modifier before foundation which would helps you on minimizing imperfections and modify your skin tone as well.
ARTY Professional Complexion Modifier RM120
they claimed this as the best makeup base, also their best-seller! 

Available in 3 shades:
  • Mint Green -  neutralize and correcting uneven skin tones/redness from sun or acne.
  • Apricot  - add luminous fresh look for a radiant base & ideal for lightening dark under eye-circles.
  • Lilac - rebalance skin tone, suitable for dull and sallow complexions.

ARTY Professional Sparkling Primer RM120
This primer helps to diminish dullness with a luminous dewy complexion and replace the appearance of fatigue.

This is how the liquids look like, can see those micro-shimmering molecules. I applied it on my right hand side. *please do ignore my dry hands*

Taadaa!! Did you realize my left hand is brighter than right hand? Wow, the primer works really well!!

ARTY Professional Powder Blush RM85
Three-in-one pallete.
PS:// Due to the camera and lighting effect, actually this pallete are combined with 3 different colors in peach, pink and light pink.

Actual color of Powder Blush, Touch Up Powder and Shimmer Compact Powder
Photo credits to Sabrina.

ARTY Professional Touch Up Powder RM95
This multi-pallete luminise, brightens and sets makeup with a radiant, satin-like finish.

ARTY Professional Shimmer Compact Powder RM95
Micro-shimmering tones set off sparks of brilliance, highlighting your complexion.

This is the cover design. Simple yet Nice :)

ARTY Professional False-eyelashes

ARTY Professional Lip Balm RM55
My opinion: Super moisturizing yet not sticky! Love it ♥ *thumbs up*

ARTY Professional Nail Polish and Shatter
Above picture credited to Christine K.

Tried the Nail Polish (Nude color) and Shatter (Black color).
I personally like the nail polish texture, so smooth, it dries very fast and has a glossy finish. For the shatter part, it's very easy to apply but the outcome... uhm I'm not a fan of crackle-nail-art.

Actually there is still a lot of goodies but I didn't manage to take every of them. Guess I was too shy to take pics cuz almost everyone have a camera/DSLR, I only have my S2 :'( Silly me. #failedblogger

Okay, gotta steal some pics from another blogger -_- Pictures credits to MissSunshine.
ARTY Professional Cleansing Oil RM90
Remove makeup including waterproof makeup and impurities without stripping essential moisture.

ARTY Professional Expertise Translucent Loose 
Powder RM80
Available in 5 colors. Smooth ultra fine translucent loose powder with PTP technology to naturally brighten up the complexion. Formulated to reduce shine with a sheer coverage.
Tips: Add a touch of loose powder and blend for a softer look if you applied too much of eye shadow or blusher.

ARTY Professional Mania Face Color RM45
Highly pigmented and ultra-blendable eye shdow texture makes a welcome appearance from bright yellow to muted turquoise. Provides unlimited creativity to let your eyes sing, smile and smolder.

ARTY Professional Waterproof Mascara RM45
 Contains nylon fibres, Trichogen and Pro-Vitamin B5 to help strengthen and lengthen every lash for more oomph and a lot of drama. Safe for contact lens users ans sensitive eyes.

 ARTY Professional Marvelous Lip Gloss RM55

Here's some candid shots of me trying out ARTY Professional goodies. LOL
(Photo stolen from facebook lolll)

Had this Mango Sticky Rice right before the event ends. 

Camwhored a little before leaving :) #girlsbeinggirls LOL

Here's my BFF with her ombré hair.

BFF and me 

So glad cuz I got to take a pic with P'Fee before leaving. hehe *blush*

Our happy faces with ARTY Professional goodies bag.

So this's what inside the goodies bag - some brochures, a DVD, Shimmer Compact Powder, lil cute powder puff, Mania Face Color in Blue & Brown colors, Nudy Lipstick and Complexion Modifier. Woots!!!

For anyone of you reading this, if you're interested in buying ARTY Professional products, you can find them nationwide in all STAGE and STAGEASIA outlets or visit to Also, check out their Facebook page for more information.

Conclusion: Well, I really enjoyed and had lotsa fun that day. Luckily I brought my BFF along else I'll be alone and feeling awkward. Oh, by the way, saw Chuckei, her sis Ashely and her gang (Nana, Nat & Cherrie) coming as well. But I didn't get to take pic with them as I was too shy and am socially awkward -_-

Alright, shall end this post with my OOTD  

Till then.

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這個社會已經是全球化的了,今後的幾十年,你有可能大量地用到一門外語,也許是工作上,也許是旅行時,也許就是教育孩子時。學習語言肯定是越早越好,而且三十歲之後我們的重心常常在家庭中,很難再拿出整塊的時間來研習一門外語。今天就開始吧!Let’s go!