Monday, October 1, 2012

messy life

Time flies! October is killing me cuz I'm gonna spend a lot this month cuz mommy and boyfie are the october babies, so yea!

I always feel so excited whenever it comes to end of year... cuz there'll be lotsa YES (Year End Sales) plus Xmas is coming soon as well. December is gonna be another killing month cuz lil sis's birthday is on December, and my anniversary with the boyfie is on the same month too wtf.

Sigh! Money please come to mama... Please make love 24/7 in my purse!!! LMAO

Santa, are you hearing me?? Although I know you don't exist in this world. Hmm. Seems like I have to make out everything myself. Fighting!!! Since 2012 gonna end soon, so I asked myself, "what have I done this year?". my mind was completely blank, I don't know. Time is passing way too fast and I feel like I had done nothing this year :( so this is what happens when I didn't set any goals in the beginning of 2012.

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