Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011 :)

Hey guys, just finished my moral paper yesterday, left 4 more papers to go!!! Final exam end on 11/01. Gonna study hard! Aza aza fighting ♪
Can't believe the time is passing real fast, like today's already the last day in 2011. Well, I'm not going out for countdown this year, actually now I'm blogging at boyfie's home while he's preparing dinner for me, so yea!

Since today's the last day of 2011, Imma write a self-reflection post which regarding what I've done and gone through in 2011 :)

I remember I've done a new year resolution post before (here). Guess what? I only accomplished few of them wtf :(

What I've done list in 2011 :
1. Keep my blog alive#failedblogger of the year. I know right, I've been sadly lack of blogging this year. Yea I'm sucks at blogging cuz my pc and camera are both broken wtf. I don't know why I'm so suay (bad luck) this year :'( and I actually lost a pendrive and my SGS2 charger in college few weeks ago. FML

2. Lotsa fugly camwhore pix. Yes I did camwhore a lot but all looks kinda fugly wtf so I didn't upload much guess I need to do plastic surgery to attract more readers perhaps :'(

3. Diet plan & failed. Yea, again wtf! I gained lotsa weight ever since I got in a relationship with my boyfriend :( Been eating so much, should blame my boyfie who keeps feeding me like afraid me from getting hungry. No way!! Imma slim down before my graduation on Oct 2012. No more supper, fast-food, soft-drinks, ice-cream and do more exercise!

4. Failed to get tan skin off wtf. even my boyfie is fairer than me. Y SO UNFAIR???

5. CGPA increased. yea I really studied hard, I always sit on the front row in lecture class :)

6. Failed gyaru. I don't know why I failed to look gyaru wtf. Need to learn and practice more make-up skills.

7. Yes I got my driving licence already I can drive so well now! Hope can buy a car later! :)

8. Boyfie and I have been together for 756 days (2 years 26days) until today. ♥♥

9. First time attended gyaru meeting. I'm so lucky cuz I get to join the most awesome event of the year, Foruchizu X NHK Tokyo Kawaii gyaru meeting. Also, get to meet Cheesie and Audrey in real person ♥♥ Well I hope to meet more gyarus all over the world!! Oh ya, the episode that filmed in Malaysia has been out, still waiting for Cheesie to do a copy :)

 10. Failed to keep my room clean 24/7. Feel ashame of myself being a girl wtf. I promise to clean up my room after finals okay, might be selling off my preloved items? :D

11. Did none of make-up tutorials wtf. I've received some emails requested me to do make-up tutorials and asking about my cosmetics. Sorry guys, I will try my best to make tutorials soon, cuz I never tried before, after my final perhaps? stay tuned :)

12. Failed to keep in touch with friends 24/7. #foreveralone LOL hmm... everyone's busy? Did I say I always stick with my boyfriend? Hahahahaha... Well I get to yumcha/Chatime with my friends sometimes. I guess we shall meet more often!!

13. Attitude failed. 2011 IS A LAZY YEAR I GUESS? I IS HIBNATED. An excuse for not blogging. LOL

14. Saving 0504. Luckily I managed to make some savings this year. Imma work hard, blog hard to earn more!!!

15. Lifestyle failed. Always sleep late, drink less water, keeps facebooking, less do mask. Getting old wtf :(

16. Religion failed. To be frank, it's been a while I didn't go to church due to some personal reasons. I feel I'm getting far away from God and I know this makes Him very sad.

17. Stopped Korean Language Class. Sigh I wasted my time right I couldn't continue to learn due to my college's time wtf.

18. Emotion failed. I get depressed easily. For instance, I lost my pendrive then I was crying so badly like doomsday is coming on tomorrow wtf. LMAO

19. I feel guilty for not going to church so I pray often so that God could forgive me? :D


21. Done my first ever giveaway this year. I guess I shall do another giveaway next time? :)

To be frank, I did nothing much this year, can't really remember what's going on and what was I doing most of the time.

So, I hope 2012 will be another good year for me!!

HAPPY 2012     


HelenCC said...

Happy New Year Cherish ^^
Wish u all the best here.

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Emi ♥ said...

You look cute ^^

Should really post more often ^^

Love Emi

Celyx Lim said...

Good luck to you in your upcoming exams! Fighting~~ ^^

Celyx Lim

Michelle said...

Happy New Year!!!

Can't wait to see what 2013 brings. :)