Friday, December 23, 2011

Hunt for xmas pressie

Hey guys, just a short update about my xmas gift hunt mission :)
Yea, fyi christmas is just 2 days away, xmas is a very good excuse to buy xmas gift for myself since I know Santa doesn't exist. LOL And of course, not forgetting my boyfriend. I feel so bad cuz I didn't get any for my family :( will treat them nom nom next time, I promise.
Camwhore before going out :)

First place to go is Sungei Wang. It's been a while didn't go there to shop. I remember I used to hang out with my buddies when I was in high-school, like every weekends? Yea it was like my second home :D

To be frank, buying a gift for boyfriend is a tough mission. You have to be very careful with the gift ideas. One of the reasons is guys thing is not much as girl's, troublesome right. Plus my boyfriend is kind of picky person, so yea.

I've been cracking my head and my brain juice almost burst out just to think what should I buy for him. Rushing up to down in Sungei Wang, thanks God I finally bought something :) actually I bought 2 gifts for boyfie; one is xmas gift another one is superb late birthday present for him, hope he like them 

And then off to Low Yat to find penguin mobile casing for boyfie's SGS2, end up disappointed cuz no one else selling it. I saw someone in Sg.Wang selling it at RM25 wtf so expensive cuz I bought mine for RM15 only, from night market :( Oh ya Imma blog about my new mobile - Samsung Galaxy S2 soon :)
So here's it. My penguin casing. CUTE ONOT? :D

Afterwards walked to (Berjaya Times Square) BTS to drink #myaddict (read: Chatime) 

Pearl Milk Tea my all-time favourite 

Camwhore time while taking a break, kinda exhausted from walking all day.

Idk why I look so fugly, guess it's because I gained weight wtf? :( gonna slim down before CNY comes and my birthday is in 36 days to go.

Sister and me.
Do we look alike? Lotsa people been saying the same damn thing that we look completely different when they saw us.

Perhaps? guess what? They say my sis look korean-ish meanwhile I look Japanese :) WHAT DO YOU THINK?
Last but not least, here's the xmas gift for Mimi (it's my cat incase you don't know.) 
 mad chioness cuz the design is so small and adorable, hope it suits on her.

That's all. Imma update more soon! Okthxbye :)

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Alvinyang said...

Merry Christmas,have been reading your recent post :)