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Foruchizu X NHK Tokyo Kawaii

Hey guys it's been awhile since I last blogged :( Hmm... yea actually was so busy with college assignments (read: lazy blogger) LOL. Sigh not I lazy don't want to blog, actually my desktop is dead and I can't help myself to continue blogging cuz I couldn't install any photo editing software on my little netbook wtf.

Thanks my dear boyfie now I'm using his laptop to edit tons of photos and blogging. So now I'm going to blog about Foruchizu gyaru gathering X NHK Tokyo Kawaii event that day. FYI, it's on 9th October 2011.

Yea I know right, today is 18th December already, I should blog it earlier, it's my fault for being a lazy failed blogger. I know I said it thousand times already :( if you want to blame then blame my desktop cuz it doesn't want to serve me anymore! or blame my little netbook ask it "Y U SO SMALL CANNOT SUPPORT BIG FILE APPLICATION HUH?" *sob sob*
Okay, back to the topic...
I was so excited after I got to know this event on Facebook. That day I woke up pretty early to get dolled-up, after got everything ready then I get so nervous and thinking whether to go or not to go cuz I've no any friends or people I know to go with me wtf. #foreveralone

then the boyfie insisted me to go as this is a rare opportunity cuz NHK Tokyo Kawaii is coming to Malaysia to do an episode about local gyaru plus it's a good chance to meet more gyaru(s)  I was like yea I woke up so early to get prepare, so, why not?

Thanks to my boy for being a good boyfriend, he drove me to KLCC straight away. I walked alone to Dome Cafe (the meet-up venue), on the way walking my heart skips a beat and I was superb ganjeong (means nervous in Cantonese ). The moment I almost-reach  Dome Cafe (about 200m away), I saw some gyarus there, I was like OMG OMG what to do, should I walk over there or not cuz I know none of them. I was about to call my boyfie make a U-turn to pick me home. Hahaha...

I seriously called my boyfie and told him "I saw some gyarus here, what to do? I'm so scare so nervous I wanna go back home." he told me not to scare just walk to them. I was like okay *take a deep breath first* then took out mirror to check myself whether the make-up is still there or melted. LMAO

#theawkwardmoment happens when I walked to them and asked whether they're waiting for NHK Tokyo Kawaii team too, afterwards I stood there quietly like nobody :( Suddenly a random girl walked to me and asked "Are you C... I've seen you on Facebook." then I was like "huh? yes, I'm Cherish." then she "Ya, I know you, Cherish!" awww so touched I never ever thought that anyone else would recognize me. Taa-daa I made a new friend. Hahaha...
She is Qiqi, the "random girl". LOL can't believe that she's 3 years younger than me. wtf I look so old :(

2.00PM : the gathering moved to another place, Corus Hotel as one of KLCC security guards said that video-filming is not allowed at the KLCC compounnd. So yea, SPOT ME!!! 

from left to right : Ashley, Qiqi, me and Melanie.
Here we are in Corus Hotel :) made another 2 friends there as well, they're both a year younger than me wtf pokerface.jpg

and now girl's favourite activity - CAMWHORE TIME! 

I remember Cheesie or Audrey first saw me and said my jumpsuit looks so cute! :D
Cheesie and Audrey were having an interview. Spot Yoshi, the Japanese cameraman :)

Apparently NHK Tokyo Kawaii came to Malaysia was to hold an internationally competition called "Kawaii of the World", only few Asian countries were selected;  Malaysia is one of it, damn lucky man! Well, there's only one kawaii-iest girl will be selected to represent Malaysia fly to Japan to compete with other countries kawaii-iest girls, top winner will be entitled to walk on "Tokyo Girls Collection" on March 2012.

Hehe. AWESOME ONOT??? I guess, it's every girl's dream to walk on Tokyo Girls Collection isn't it? You will get to see lotsa Japanese famous models like Lena Fuji, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Kumicky, Marimo and etc. OMG I couldn't imagine, it's like a dream.

I literally wanted to join this competition but I had no confidence so end up I didn't take the competition form. Well, I guess there'll be no more chance next time. Hmm... nevermind.
from left to right : Qiqi, Cheesie, Audrey and me! 

Here are some individual photos taken with Cheesie and Audrey ♥ YOU JELLY? :D
I was so damn nervous to request to take photos with them and I feel I'm like a little fan who asked for photo opportunity with my idols, but right here right now I feel so unbelievable. LOL

With Audrey  :) YOU JELLY? #1
I still remember the moment she saw me and popped out a question "Are you the same height as me?"
LOL I guess I can be the next (2nd?) fourfeetnine huh!? Hahaha... Btw I'm 4' 11"

Cheesie YOU JELLY? #2
I still can't believe that I met her in real person. She's much looking good in real person than pictures. I mean she look exactly same in the pix, so pretty, cute and friendly too, yea! :D

Right before the event ends, the NHK Tokyo Kawaii team had some Japanese pop magazines to giveaway. Only lucky ones who win in rock, paper and scissor's game with Yoshi can get one of the magazines. Yea they're the latest magazines which brought along from Japan :) Got Vivi, Scawaii, Popteen, egg, ageha and etc.

I was like OMG Imma win my favourite magazine, Popteen. My heart beats like a drum *doop doop, doop doop* Thanks God I won all the 3 rounds, OMG why am I so geng (means shrewd) one? LOL #happygirlface.jpeg
It's the November issue in Japanese language; I suppose it's the Popteen Chinese edition for December :)

Last but not least, everyone who attended will get a pair of false eyelashes, Candy Style by NHK Tokyo Kawaii team, thank you very much! :3 
Conclusion :
Well, I had a great time during the gathering, I'm a shy kind of person and poor in socializing wtf #foreveralone yet so happy cuz I still managed to get some new friends, met my idols haha, and then it's a great opportunity for me to experience new thing and meeting gyarus in Malaysia. I didn't know there are quite a number of people out there are interested in Japanese culture and fashion as well. Some of them even know how to speak and understand in Japanese. Awesome I guess I shall learn Japanese too? Haha. Thus, I hope there'll be more upcoming events soon :) Hope to know more gyarus all over the world 

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