Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011 :)

Hey guys, just finished my moral paper yesterday, left 4 more papers to go!!! Final exam end on 11/01. Gonna study hard! Aza aza fighting ♪
Can't believe the time is passing real fast, like today's already the last day in 2011. Well, I'm not going out for countdown this year, actually now I'm blogging at boyfie's home while he's preparing dinner for me, so yea!

Since today's the last day of 2011, Imma write a self-reflection post which regarding what I've done and gone through in 2011 :)

I remember I've done a new year resolution post before (here). Guess what? I only accomplished few of them wtf :(

What I've done list in 2011 :
1. Keep my blog alive#failedblogger of the year. I know right, I've been sadly lack of blogging this year. Yea I'm sucks at blogging cuz my pc and camera are both broken wtf. I don't know why I'm so suay (bad luck) this year :'( and I actually lost a pendrive and my SGS2 charger in college few weeks ago. FML

2. Lotsa fugly camwhore pix. Yes I did camwhore a lot but all looks kinda fugly wtf so I didn't upload much guess I need to do plastic surgery to attract more readers perhaps :'(

3. Diet plan & failed. Yea, again wtf! I gained lotsa weight ever since I got in a relationship with my boyfriend :( Been eating so much, should blame my boyfie who keeps feeding me like afraid me from getting hungry. No way!! Imma slim down before my graduation on Oct 2012. No more supper, fast-food, soft-drinks, ice-cream and do more exercise!

4. Failed to get tan skin off wtf. even my boyfie is fairer than me. Y SO UNFAIR???

5. CGPA increased. yea I really studied hard, I always sit on the front row in lecture class :)

6. Failed gyaru. I don't know why I failed to look gyaru wtf. Need to learn and practice more make-up skills.

7. Yes I got my driving licence already I can drive so well now! Hope can buy a car later! :)

8. Boyfie and I have been together for 756 days (2 years 26days) until today. ♥♥

9. First time attended gyaru meeting. I'm so lucky cuz I get to join the most awesome event of the year, Foruchizu X NHK Tokyo Kawaii gyaru meeting. Also, get to meet Cheesie and Audrey in real person ♥♥ Well I hope to meet more gyarus all over the world!! Oh ya, the episode that filmed in Malaysia has been out, still waiting for Cheesie to do a copy :)

 10. Failed to keep my room clean 24/7. Feel ashame of myself being a girl wtf. I promise to clean up my room after finals okay, might be selling off my preloved items? :D

11. Did none of make-up tutorials wtf. I've received some emails requested me to do make-up tutorials and asking about my cosmetics. Sorry guys, I will try my best to make tutorials soon, cuz I never tried before, after my final perhaps? stay tuned :)

12. Failed to keep in touch with friends 24/7. #foreveralone LOL hmm... everyone's busy? Did I say I always stick with my boyfriend? Hahahahaha... Well I get to yumcha/Chatime with my friends sometimes. I guess we shall meet more often!!

13. Attitude failed. 2011 IS A LAZY YEAR I GUESS? I IS HIBNATED. An excuse for not blogging. LOL

14. Saving 0504. Luckily I managed to make some savings this year. Imma work hard, blog hard to earn more!!!

15. Lifestyle failed. Always sleep late, drink less water, keeps facebooking, less do mask. Getting old wtf :(

16. Religion failed. To be frank, it's been a while I didn't go to church due to some personal reasons. I feel I'm getting far away from God and I know this makes Him very sad.

17. Stopped Korean Language Class. Sigh I wasted my time right I couldn't continue to learn due to my college's time wtf.

18. Emotion failed. I get depressed easily. For instance, I lost my pendrive then I was crying so badly like doomsday is coming on tomorrow wtf. LMAO

19. I feel guilty for not going to church so I pray often so that God could forgive me? :D


21. Done my first ever giveaway this year. I guess I shall do another giveaway next time? :)

To be frank, I did nothing much this year, can't really remember what's going on and what was I doing most of the time.

So, I hope 2012 will be another good year for me!!

HAPPY 2012     

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


No, I didn't attend NAPBAS :( regret to the max!!! I'm so regretting and hating myself for not writing a blog post to win NAPBAS tix!! Guess what? The next NAPBAS will be on 2013 wtf :'( Who knows doomsday will happen in 2012 right, perhaps? *touchwood*

I miss the chance to meet awesome bloggers all over the world like Xiaxue, KennySia, Ernest Ng, Kenwooi and many many others... *sobs*

You know, one of my dreams is to meet Xiaxue in person and take picture with her! :) I don't know why I like her so much *what am I talking about* LOL I mean I really like her, admire her very much!! She's such an awesome female blogger with the kawaii outlooking!! OMG I also want to have pink hair like she does. Mad chioness ♥ ♥ 

I wanted to be a successful gyaru blogger like her! Do you know that everything she owned now included all the good stuff, good life, fame, spending are from blogging! How awesome isn't it? :) Of course, her success doesn't come easy, she spent almost 8 years plus on blogging, 8 years continuous blogging, ain't easy!! Somehow I had huge respect for her in the blogging field.

Well, Imma win the NAPBAS tix the next time!!! NO MORE REGRETS!! :)

Ok, here's the complete list of winners for Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011! :D Let’s roll the red carpet and congratulate them! 
Best Photography Blog –
Best Geek Blog –
Best Food Blog –
Best Fashion Blog –
Most Original Blog Design –
Best Parenting Blog –
Best Travel Blog –
Best Entertainment Blog –
Best Lifestyle Blog –
Hidden Gem –
Best Micro Blog –
Most Influential blog –
Region’s Best blog –

Rescue Pudding Hair

Hey guys, today Imma blog about rescue to my pudding hair mission :)



I was so worried about my hair outcome, pray hard hope that Vincent can fix my hair!!

Yea I know my forehead looks #likeflower-horn

Yea I decided to dye my hair darker, fyi it's superb dark brown almost black color! I was so struggling what color to dye until Vincent suggested me darker color which could cover my pudding hair and it won't looks fugly after the hair grow plus dark hair will make me look younger like kid wtf hahahahaha.

Pudding hair rescue mission accomplished :)
Yea hope the color won't fade! Somehow I feel like I'm back in high-school. Hahahaha

PS:// I wanted to try out dip-dye/ombre hair with pink at the hair bottom but Vincent say it might looks LALA? Hmm... *in dilemma*
So what do you think? Do leave me a comment 

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Simple Xmas Date ♥

On 24th December 2011, I went out for xmas eve date with boyfie 
As I'm not a typical Malaysian who has a sort-of-cultures (read: clubbing, count-downing/stuck in the crowd)  except shopping so I would prefer a simple dinner instead of that "cultures". LOL

I believe everywhere will be flooded with people and cars especially in KL during festive season. To be frank, I really freaking hate crowds in public. Fyi, I'm just 4 feet 11', yea seriously, stop giving me the #pokerface.jpeg okay.

Ok, just imagine, with my height stuck in the crowd, I'm just like a tuna in a sandwich, sniffing people's smelly armpit odor, touching those sweating and sticky body is terribly disgusting wtf, yuck! #trollface So yea, a simple dine in comfy nice ambience restaurant will enough for me :)
So we decided to have our dinner at Garden Cafe in One Utama. One of my favorite dining places  If you don't know, it's a indoor garden theme cafe. The environment is damn nice surrounding with simple design interior, white furniture and fake-plants, I suppose? LOL So it's definitely an ideal place to dine :)

Here's my Iced Chocolate and his Iced Cappuccino 

Iced Cappuccino 
We both ordered the same Carbonara spaghetti. Did I say love pasta more than rice? LOL

Additional order: Garden Fish & Chips

Let's start our nom nom.
I'm feeling hungry seeing all these food pics while blogging at this hour wtf. Fyi it's 10.47pm now! :(

Hello, that's me! :) yea blogger will not forget to take pics for the sake of blogging.

Checking out the photos quality :) *ignore my nostril please I know they look cute wtf :P *

This's a pic where boyfriend was trying to snap my pic meanwhile I snap him back. LOL

Now my camwhore time #bloggersalwaysdo

Idk why I always look photogenic in pics but I look like a retard in real life wtf.

Me and ze nommies ♥ ♥ 
I heard people saying that girl who has high-forehead is a good-sign and pretty.SO YOU JELLY? Hmm.. something like flower-horn fish I guess? :D LOL just kidding the last word "pretty" is I add one.

But do you know that flower-horn fish were so popular last time? I remember my dad used to have one and the miracle thing is sometimes you can see mysterious numbers that seem appear on its body. So with that number you can buy toto/4-D and then you become billionaire, perhaps? Hahahaha...

*Opps, off topic already... I'm in Spppaaaaccceeeeee!! wtf*

Hahahaha, back to topic...
So after nommies, we went to watch movie, boyfie bought the tix a day earlier. Awww...

Guess what!? He bought Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked cuz he know I love to watch. I know right how sweet is him. haha
So here's the trailer. IT'S A MUST-WATCH MOVIE DURING THIS XMAS. ♥  ♥
One of my favorite scenes is 0:26 and 0:46 when Dave shouting out loud calling "Alvinnnnnn~" LOL

So here's how my Xmas Eve celebration simple date with the boyfie. Well, we actually did exchange xmas gifts in the car before dinner start :)

So my xmas gift this year is a watch from him meanwhile I got him a blue water-proof backpack that I know he wanted since long time ago, so yea I'm glad that he really likes it. I'm happy too when see him opening his xmas gift and smiled happily #like a kid. haha how cute!
So, now drop me a comment and tell me how's your Xmas Eve or Xmas Celebration this year :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas ♥


Blogging now... stay tuned! :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hunt for xmas pressie

Hey guys, just a short update about my xmas gift hunt mission :)
Yea, fyi christmas is just 2 days away, xmas is a very good excuse to buy xmas gift for myself since I know Santa doesn't exist. LOL And of course, not forgetting my boyfriend. I feel so bad cuz I didn't get any for my family :( will treat them nom nom next time, I promise.
Camwhore before going out :)

First place to go is Sungei Wang. It's been a while didn't go there to shop. I remember I used to hang out with my buddies when I was in high-school, like every weekends? Yea it was like my second home :D

To be frank, buying a gift for boyfriend is a tough mission. You have to be very careful with the gift ideas. One of the reasons is guys thing is not much as girl's, troublesome right. Plus my boyfriend is kind of picky person, so yea.

I've been cracking my head and my brain juice almost burst out just to think what should I buy for him. Rushing up to down in Sungei Wang, thanks God I finally bought something :) actually I bought 2 gifts for boyfie; one is xmas gift another one is superb late birthday present for him, hope he like them 

And then off to Low Yat to find penguin mobile casing for boyfie's SGS2, end up disappointed cuz no one else selling it. I saw someone in Sg.Wang selling it at RM25 wtf so expensive cuz I bought mine for RM15 only, from night market :( Oh ya Imma blog about my new mobile - Samsung Galaxy S2 soon :)
So here's it. My penguin casing. CUTE ONOT? :D

Afterwards walked to (Berjaya Times Square) BTS to drink #myaddict (read: Chatime) 

Pearl Milk Tea my all-time favourite 

Camwhore time while taking a break, kinda exhausted from walking all day.

Idk why I look so fugly, guess it's because I gained weight wtf? :( gonna slim down before CNY comes and my birthday is in 36 days to go.

Sister and me.
Do we look alike? Lotsa people been saying the same damn thing that we look completely different when they saw us.

Perhaps? guess what? They say my sis look korean-ish meanwhile I look Japanese :) WHAT DO YOU THINK?
Last but not least, here's the xmas gift for Mimi (it's my cat incase you don't know.) 
 mad chioness cuz the design is so small and adorable, hope it suits on her.

That's all. Imma update more soon! Okthxbye :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Foruchizu X NHK Tokyo Kawaii

Hey guys it's been awhile since I last blogged :( Hmm... yea actually was so busy with college assignments (read: lazy blogger) LOL. Sigh not I lazy don't want to blog, actually my desktop is dead and I can't help myself to continue blogging cuz I couldn't install any photo editing software on my little netbook wtf.

Thanks my dear boyfie now I'm using his laptop to edit tons of photos and blogging. So now I'm going to blog about Foruchizu gyaru gathering X NHK Tokyo Kawaii event that day. FYI, it's on 9th October 2011.

Yea I know right, today is 18th December already, I should blog it earlier, it's my fault for being a lazy failed blogger. I know I said it thousand times already :( if you want to blame then blame my desktop cuz it doesn't want to serve me anymore! or blame my little netbook ask it "Y U SO SMALL CANNOT SUPPORT BIG FILE APPLICATION HUH?" *sob sob*
Okay, back to the topic...
I was so excited after I got to know this event on Facebook. That day I woke up pretty early to get dolled-up, after got everything ready then I get so nervous and thinking whether to go or not to go cuz I've no any friends or people I know to go with me wtf. #foreveralone

then the boyfie insisted me to go as this is a rare opportunity cuz NHK Tokyo Kawaii is coming to Malaysia to do an episode about local gyaru plus it's a good chance to meet more gyaru(s)  I was like yea I woke up so early to get prepare, so, why not?

Thanks to my boy for being a good boyfriend, he drove me to KLCC straight away. I walked alone to Dome Cafe (the meet-up venue), on the way walking my heart skips a beat and I was superb ganjeong (means nervous in Cantonese ). The moment I almost-reach  Dome Cafe (about 200m away), I saw some gyarus there, I was like OMG OMG what to do, should I walk over there or not cuz I know none of them. I was about to call my boyfie make a U-turn to pick me home. Hahaha...

I seriously called my boyfie and told him "I saw some gyarus here, what to do? I'm so scare so nervous I wanna go back home." he told me not to scare just walk to them. I was like okay *take a deep breath first* then took out mirror to check myself whether the make-up is still there or melted. LMAO

#theawkwardmoment happens when I walked to them and asked whether they're waiting for NHK Tokyo Kawaii team too, afterwards I stood there quietly like nobody :( Suddenly a random girl walked to me and asked "Are you C... I've seen you on Facebook." then I was like "huh? yes, I'm Cherish." then she "Ya, I know you, Cherish!" awww so touched I never ever thought that anyone else would recognize me. Taa-daa I made a new friend. Hahaha...
She is Qiqi, the "random girl". LOL can't believe that she's 3 years younger than me. wtf I look so old :(

2.00PM : the gathering moved to another place, Corus Hotel as one of KLCC security guards said that video-filming is not allowed at the KLCC compounnd. So yea, SPOT ME!!! 

from left to right : Ashley, Qiqi, me and Melanie.
Here we are in Corus Hotel :) made another 2 friends there as well, they're both a year younger than me wtf pokerface.jpg

and now girl's favourite activity - CAMWHORE TIME! 

I remember Cheesie or Audrey first saw me and said my jumpsuit looks so cute! :D
Cheesie and Audrey were having an interview. Spot Yoshi, the Japanese cameraman :)

Apparently NHK Tokyo Kawaii came to Malaysia was to hold an internationally competition called "Kawaii of the World", only few Asian countries were selected;  Malaysia is one of it, damn lucky man! Well, there's only one kawaii-iest girl will be selected to represent Malaysia fly to Japan to compete with other countries kawaii-iest girls, top winner will be entitled to walk on "Tokyo Girls Collection" on March 2012.

Hehe. AWESOME ONOT??? I guess, it's every girl's dream to walk on Tokyo Girls Collection isn't it? You will get to see lotsa Japanese famous models like Lena Fuji, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Kumicky, Marimo and etc. OMG I couldn't imagine, it's like a dream.

I literally wanted to join this competition but I had no confidence so end up I didn't take the competition form. Well, I guess there'll be no more chance next time. Hmm... nevermind.
from left to right : Qiqi, Cheesie, Audrey and me! 

Here are some individual photos taken with Cheesie and Audrey ♥ YOU JELLY? :D
I was so damn nervous to request to take photos with them and I feel I'm like a little fan who asked for photo opportunity with my idols, but right here right now I feel so unbelievable. LOL

With Audrey  :) YOU JELLY? #1
I still remember the moment she saw me and popped out a question "Are you the same height as me?"
LOL I guess I can be the next (2nd?) fourfeetnine huh!? Hahaha... Btw I'm 4' 11"

Cheesie YOU JELLY? #2
I still can't believe that I met her in real person. She's much looking good in real person than pictures. I mean she look exactly same in the pix, so pretty, cute and friendly too, yea! :D

Right before the event ends, the NHK Tokyo Kawaii team had some Japanese pop magazines to giveaway. Only lucky ones who win in rock, paper and scissor's game with Yoshi can get one of the magazines. Yea they're the latest magazines which brought along from Japan :) Got Vivi, Scawaii, Popteen, egg, ageha and etc.

I was like OMG Imma win my favourite magazine, Popteen. My heart beats like a drum *doop doop, doop doop* Thanks God I won all the 3 rounds, OMG why am I so geng (means shrewd) one? LOL #happygirlface.jpeg
It's the November issue in Japanese language; I suppose it's the Popteen Chinese edition for December :)

Last but not least, everyone who attended will get a pair of false eyelashes, Candy Style by NHK Tokyo Kawaii team, thank you very much! :3 
Conclusion :
Well, I had a great time during the gathering, I'm a shy kind of person and poor in socializing wtf #foreveralone yet so happy cuz I still managed to get some new friends, met my idols haha, and then it's a great opportunity for me to experience new thing and meeting gyarus in Malaysia. I didn't know there are quite a number of people out there are interested in Japanese culture and fashion as well. Some of them even know how to speak and understand in Japanese. Awesome I guess I shall learn Japanese too? Haha. Thus, I hope there'll be more upcoming events soon :) Hope to know more gyarus all over the world