Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NHK Tokyo Kawaii is coming soon

Ohaiyo  here I got good news for all Malaysian gyarus!!
Yea NHK Tokyo Kawaii is coming to film an episode about gyarus in Malaysia, FOR REAL!!! I bet this will be the superb awesome event ever, yea I'm going!! SOO EXCITED!! Please don't miss this exciting opportunity to be on Japanese national TV else you'll regret for the rest of your life! LOL 

If you don't know... NHK Tokyo Kawaii is one of the most popular Japanese TV program and it's specially made for girls! Basically it is filming about kawaii things, fashion, people around the world! Check out their website.

Actually NHK Tokyo Kawaii came to Malaysia few months ago but too bad I missed the chance! This time me ain't gonna miss it again! View the episode here.
 I hope to meet Cheesie, Aud, Lie and Maiko in person. GYARU!! KAWAII!!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Audrey and Cheesie. they're the 1st gyaru sensai in Malaysia.
Join Foruchizu (created by them) to get the latest information about gyaru, fashion, make-up and everything!

Spread the gyaru virus to all over Malaysia!!  Be proud of being Malaysian Gyaru!!

By the way, does anyone reading this going too? :)
FYI, NHK Tokyo Kawaii X Foruchizu gyarus gathering will be held on the 9th October at KLCC! Hope to meet more Malaysian gyarus!! (",)

Urghh, I'm in a lil dilemma thinking what to wear!! :(

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