Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm a Mustache Lover ♥

Hey guys, have you watch my mustache video on youtube? I've posted it zillion years ago. lol.
Yea I know I look so lame here, just wanna entertain you guys :) lol

Don't chu think guys who having mustache looks charming huh?
Yeyy, like Mister Potato!! It's one of my favorite snacks, yummy! *linkin' fingers* 
Note: this is not a paid advertorial :)

My boyfie don't have a mustache, yet he still look charming the most! I wonder what if girls have mustache too? Hahahahaha... I can't imagine.

Let say, what if you got mustache on your fingers? lol.
What about mustache designed finger ring? Yeyy, cool right!?

Good news cuz Awesome Mustache Shop is now giving away 5 Awesome Mustache Two Finger Rings  OMG that's fabulous Imma win the ring!
Look at the design, mad chioness me so likey ♥ I wish I have it!!!
Choose me! Choose me! I wish to win this to match with my mustache girl style, lol. Ain't easy for girls to have mustache isn't it, yea it's superb awesome!

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