Sunday, September 25, 2011


突然覺得心情好亂睡不著所以就爬起來寫網誌 囧
最近有好多煩惱 好討厭的感覺
Semester break 剛過完了下星期就正式開課了 囧
日子一天一天地過好快 明年31/1就快踏入21歲了
衰在我生日當天昰農曆一月初九 相信很多朋友都還在家鄉過年享受假期
究竟會有多少知心朋友會主動為我慶生呢 男朋友是否會記得呢
感覺人愈成長煩惱愈多 難怪人家都會說童年時期真好
人愈懂事慾望愈多永遠滿足不了 人也變得愈來愈現實
人往高處絕對不是錯 但太過於現實也不昰好事 但又不能沒有上進心

最近發覺皮膚變糟糕了 囧 20歲要多注意保養和補充膠原蛋白了
愈來愈討厭自己了 為甚麼這麼醜和厚 要發憤努力向gal的精神看起
為甚麼nuffnang沒讓我賺多多錢 還是應該怪自己為甚麼沒時常更新網誌
奮鬥心要愈來愈強 要夠堅強才能堅持到底
希望哪天達成成果我一定會慶祝一番 24/7都在提醒自己要努力
不要羨慕人家所擁有的 要靠自己擁有的才值得驕傲和炫耀
羨慕歸羨慕;現實歸現實。AZA AZA FIGHTING!!

目前只想要努力賺錢和努力讀書搞好學業 將來賺取一桶金和達成夢想
希望遲些能夠靠自己的本事出車 用自己的名字買車自己供車
劉慧燕 加油啦!
記得有位小學老師(鄭老師)在班上同學面前對我說:“摁這很好的名字 智慧的燕子”



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Konnichiwa Tokyo Street

Last few weeks, I got an email regarding blogger invitation to the grand opening of Ochado, Tokyo Street at Pavilion KL on 29th July 2011.
I was so surprised and feel superb excited, haha! So I asked Steffi to tag along with me. She had Korean class before we went to TS (Tokyo Street). FYI, I've stopped Korean class since last few weeks due to time clash with my college timetable. #FML so I went to KFC to have brunch while waiting for her as nearly 2 hours.

As you know, parking fee at Pavilion is mad expensive cost like an atomic bomb. I remember the last time I went by car, 1 hour plus it cost me about MYR7, wtf right! So we parked at private carpark near Times Square and then walk thru Times Square, Sg. Wang, Lot 10, Fahrenheit, Uniqlo then finally reached Pavilion. Phew!
Tokyo Street, 6th floor at Pavilion KL.
Sorry didn't take much pixies as we were so busy to look around the new opening shops :) Better go experience yourself!

We were at random shop then coincidently met a local male artist, at first I dunno who's him. 

Steffi whispered to me : "Look at that guy, he's Jym Chong
I was like *curious & looking around* : "huh!? where? I don't know who's Jym Chong?"

Anyone else here a fan of Jym Chong庄靖毅? I'm so sorry, frankly, I really really don't know him, seriously. *innocent puppy face* PLEASE DON'T BOOM ME! LOL
It's been a while I didn't drink Chatime! Fyi, I'm a huge fan of PEARLS. I miss Pearl Milk Tea so much ♥ ♥ ♥
Random pictures I snapped while otw walking back to Times Square.
 Random shot #1
 Random shot #2
 Infront of Pavilion.

 Hello my dear friend! :)
 Paparazzi? I'm unfamous stop taking my picture! LOL
Traffic jam always happens in KL. So better take public transport :)
Pearl Milk Tea my favorite all the time ♥ ♥ ♥
Happy Girl Look    
Last but not least, before end this post gonna show you some 自戀 pixies of mine! LOL (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡♬
Random shots taken by Nikon D60 while camwhore pictures by Olympus.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm a Mustache Lover ♥

Hey guys, have you watch my mustache video on youtube? I've posted it zillion years ago. lol.
Yea I know I look so lame here, just wanna entertain you guys :) lol

Don't chu think guys who having mustache looks charming huh?
Yeyy, like Mister Potato!! It's one of my favorite snacks, yummy! *linkin' fingers* 
Note: this is not a paid advertorial :)

My boyfie don't have a mustache, yet he still look charming the most! I wonder what if girls have mustache too? Hahahahaha... I can't imagine.

Let say, what if you got mustache on your fingers? lol.
What about mustache designed finger ring? Yeyy, cool right!?

Good news cuz Awesome Mustache Shop is now giving away 5 Awesome Mustache Two Finger Rings  OMG that's fabulous Imma win the ring!
Look at the design, mad chioness me so likey ♥ I wish I have it!!!
Choose me! Choose me! I wish to win this to match with my mustache girl style, lol. Ain't easy for girls to have mustache isn't it, yea it's superb awesome!