Thursday, August 25, 2011

Live Blogging

sorry for the blurish-webcam-pic! :P

Hello everyone!  I'm now live-blogging at McDonalds, 1U while waiting for the boyfriend (◕‿-)

Well, my sem-break is fully scheduled. So happy! Lucky I got work during this sem-breaks, gonna earn as much as possible! Money money come!

Yesterday went to have movie with my baby boy. Thanks for your surprise! 
Watched "Treasure Hunt"《無價之寶》. Overall was fine, nothing much special about this movie. You know what, Cecilia Cheung has teamed up with her 4-year old son, Lucas in the movie. Aww... he looks superb cute and spoken in both English and Chinese. I feel like wanna pinch his cheeks!
I like cute kids/baby but somehow I hate kids when they cry, really pissed me off! lol.

Hmm... I suddenly feel hungry while blogging this *stare at people's fast-food* Urggh NO! I'm on diet now! :'(

Well, I think I should stop right here and quickly leave this place else my diet plan gonna fail! So that's all for today. I promise I would blog more again once I'm free. So stay tuned!

Bye. XOXO. 

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Agnes Sim said...

u r so cute! 1st time visit ur blog ;-)