Thursday, August 25, 2011

Live Blogging

sorry for the blurish-webcam-pic! :P

Hello everyone!  I'm now live-blogging at McDonalds, 1U while waiting for the boyfriend (◕‿-)

Well, my sem-break is fully scheduled. So happy! Lucky I got work during this sem-breaks, gonna earn as much as possible! Money money come!

Yesterday went to have movie with my baby boy. Thanks for your surprise! 
Watched "Treasure Hunt"《無價之寶》. Overall was fine, nothing much special about this movie. You know what, Cecilia Cheung has teamed up with her 4-year old son, Lucas in the movie. Aww... he looks superb cute and spoken in both English and Chinese. I feel like wanna pinch his cheeks!
I like cute kids/baby but somehow I hate kids when they cry, really pissed me off! lol.

Hmm... I suddenly feel hungry while blogging this *stare at people's fast-food* Urggh NO! I'm on diet now! :'(

Well, I think I should stop right here and quickly leave this place else my diet plan gonna fail! So that's all for today. I promise I would blog more again once I'm free. So stay tuned!

Bye. XOXO. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Holiday Plan

Yes babeh, finally finished all the exam papers! *jumping jumping* Hoorey ♥ ♥ ♥ But so sad because I got only 2 weeks to enjoy my sem-break!

So what am I gonna do during these 14 days? Imma enjoy until forget myself, lol.

So here's my f-2 weeks holiday plan 
1. Imma rescue my 'pudding' hair.
2. As usual, diet plan 24/7. Plus EXERCISE (read: jogging, massage, eat less) lol.
3. Earn money. Work Hard, Blog Hard!
4. Clean my superb messy untidy dirty 'warehouse' room.
5. Chill out with my girls.
6. Stick with my boyfriend. 
7. Hmm... What else? ....

I wanna go backpacking as well.
If possible, next year I might travel to  Taiwan. Thus, I must earn a lot! Aza Aza Fighting! ;-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shogun, Fahrenheit88 KL.

09082011 : It was my uncle's birthday! Dear uncle, wish you a Happy Birthday and may the God bless you as always 
For uncle's birthday celebration, we went to grand opening Shogun at Fahrenheit88 KL. FYI, Shogun is a Japanese buffet restaurant.

Do you know that Shogun is having promotion for weekday lunch at only RM37.70++ (after 30% discount) JUST EAT ALL YOU CAN! :) Totally worth it, reasonable and affordable too!
PS:// I'm not paid for promoting Shogun, sharing is caring! ;)
Oh, birthday guest can eat for free dine on the birthday day itself while senior citizen can enjoy 50% discount!
(Check out prices here.)
Call for reservation at 03 - 2148 7333 (Shogun at Fahrenheit88 KL)
Visit them @ ground floor, Fahrenheit8, K.L.
Fyi, they've got other branches at One Utama, Sunway Pyramid & UOA II. 
Well, I didn't take much food pixies, was so busy to try this try that and eat until my stomach almost burst out.
Fyi, I'm the photographer of the day. Keeps snap this snap there :)

I covered my face cuz I look fugly. Hmm! Uncle was sleeping after meals. LOL
Hahaha... Let me tell you, they have lotsa superb yummy food like shark's fins soup, 佛跳牆 (a famous chinese seafood soup called Buddha Jumping Over The Wall), sushi, oysters and more I dunno what they called in Japanese. Imma for 2nd, 3rd, 4th time again!! LOL
Before we left, took some pics as well. 
Outfit of the day ♥♥♥
Low's family. Dad, moi, mom and little sis.
 The Yuen's family.

Cousins together
 A random shop in Fahrenheit 88, so pinkish Girls would definitively love it!
 Parents for SALE?? LOL (NOO WAY just kidding!!)
 My beloved family ♥ ♥ 
Hi everyone! Cheeeseee :D
Don't chu think we look cute together? :)
A lot people say that we don't look like sisters, what do you think?
I think she look so Korean :) anyway she's a huge fan of Kpop.
Lil sis and me 
and last, Imma end with my lame camwhore pics! :)

Yea I look so chubby. Chubby is good come pinch my cheek!! LOL
Do I look like Lena Fuji?  LOL.