Monday, July 18, 2011

Hello Hello

Just a random post today. I was busy working past 2 weeks. I'll be blogging about my work later on :-) so nao I'll blog this random post with random pixies that taken few weeks/months ago?

Good news here! Guess what?
Yes! finally I got my P license, woohoo! ( Yeah I know I'm kinda late at this age... so what, who cares? nao I can drive like a F1 racer, lol. I'm so happy whenever I had a chance to drive, always 'beg' my bf to let me drive! Hahahahahaha... no worry, I'm such a safe driver!)
I wish to have my own car!! :) Imma work hard to get my dream car, Volkswagen Bettle ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh ya, I've stopped my Korean Language lesson due to time crash with my college class! Darn, damn wasted! *sobs*

It's been long time never drink Chatime... I miss Pearl Milk Tea so much ♥ ♥ ♥
I stopped drinking Chatime since the rumors about the Taiwan pearls thinggy which will affect health?

Bought lotsa masks, beauty stuffs from the Beauty Expo 2011 @KLCC during May.
Thanks to Rickie who invited me to be her nail model  for Nail Art Competition :-)

Hmm... me look super duper ultra max dumpy fatty :'(

Ok. That's all, Bye!


Noniek said...

You looks pretty! Congrats on your license! :)

Anonymous said...

may i know where u learn Korean Language?

Cherish 유혜연 ♥ said...

Noniek: Thanks! ♥

Anonymous: Korea Plaza KL :-)