Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hahahahaha... recently I'm so so so so into the #YUNO. If you're wondering, click here for more tweets on @Y_U_NOOO :-)

Okay, let's talk about my recent boring life. I've got lotsa of photography tasks haven't completed and it's late, I need to take more 67 pictures to finish it! FML. Seriously, I hate rushing homework and I really have no idea how to capture a nice pictures. I'm so frustrating of it. Question myself: Y U NO DO THINGS FASTER? :'(

Hmmm.... Anyway, currently I'm craving for an White iPhone 4, it looks superb mad awesome I bet most likely girls would wanna have one isn't it? Anyone wanna sponsor me? lol. Btw, I heard iPhone 4s/iPhone 5 gonna release soon, should I wait or just buy iPhone 4? I can't wait, my friend keeps persuading me to have one. Well, boyfie and I planned to get iPhone together so we can have couples mobile >3 

Once I get my iPhone, I'll make everything (read: cover, theme, etc) into Hello Kitty. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of HK  so now you know what to get for my next birthday? (hint: 31st Jan) tsk tsk

PS:// I don't know whether iPhone is good or not except their brand. Let me know if there's other better mobile you know okay? T.Q


Monday, July 18, 2011

Hello Hello

Just a random post today. I was busy working past 2 weeks. I'll be blogging about my work later on :-) so nao I'll blog this random post with random pixies that taken few weeks/months ago?

Good news here! Guess what?
Yes! finally I got my P license, woohoo! ( Yeah I know I'm kinda late at this age... so what, who cares? nao I can drive like a F1 racer, lol. I'm so happy whenever I had a chance to drive, always 'beg' my bf to let me drive! Hahahahahaha... no worry, I'm such a safe driver!)
I wish to have my own car!! :) Imma work hard to get my dream car, Volkswagen Bettle ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh ya, I've stopped my Korean Language lesson due to time crash with my college class! Darn, damn wasted! *sobs*

It's been long time never drink Chatime... I miss Pearl Milk Tea so much ♥ ♥ ♥
I stopped drinking Chatime since the rumors about the Taiwan pearls thinggy which will affect health?

Bought lotsa masks, beauty stuffs from the Beauty Expo 2011 @KLCC during May.
Thanks to Rickie who invited me to be her nail model  for Nail Art Competition :-)

Hmm... me look super duper ultra max dumpy fatty :'(

Ok. That's all, Bye!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy July?

Bonjour! No doubt the time really flies like an arrow. It's like yesterday was June and then when I open my eyes only I realized "Oh my goodness, it's July already! Hmm...."  
Credit to baby boy 

Well, I actually can't remember what I've done in the past few months, perhaps I should blog more about my daily activty? *winks* I've been so busy lately since my Diploma PR Year 2 begin... busy organizing event as course work, doing charity event for the orphanage home.

Frankly speaking, study is fun but not exam! Seriously I hate doing revision, I definitely will fall asleep whenever I 'date' with a book which I'm not interested! (read: especially Communication Law, wtf!) Opps, did I just said something? You know, I really hate to memorize those thinggy with section terms bla something. Hello my brain memory limit reached, lol. Y DOES LAW EXIST? (I know. stupid question right? Just ask for fun!)

By the way, I'm kinda happy because we have photography class on this sem. Hooorey! *jumping crazy around the house* LMAO. I bet most of youngsters know how to camwhore isn't it, which most of girls like camwhore 24/7? Well, learning photography is fun as you can learn how to use a DSLR by certain professional ways and skills, it's not like what we simply camwhore and snap pictures around. A nice photo requires a good skill, nice weather/environment and correct mode. Sounds hard huh? But it's really fun, interesting and challenging! Also, it needs inspiration to take a good picture, do you agree with what I've said?
Say hi to Nikon D60  Sad cause it's not mine! It belongs to my dad's friend, thank uncle for lending his DSLR to me to do photography task else I would fail this coursework. *touched*

Imma work hard to buy a DSLR myself, Aza aza fighting! Imma get you! I'm so so so into taking pictures by using DSLR :-) I'm a newbie, still learning right nao. I'll show some of my works next time!

Oh ya, have anyone spot me on ifeel July issue? Teehee!
ifeel July 2011
Notice something? They actually typed my name wrongly, should be 'Cherish' instead of 'Cherish' isssh!

Anyway, kindly vote for me  If you vote me, I bet good fortune will falls to you, all your wishes will come true! *eyes blinks* so want it or not it's up to you! Hehehehe.... Vote me here. Just vote I don't care if I'm winning or not, just for fun!
To be frank, I don't like the voting system, it's super duper unfair for one person to vote many times as you like. FU!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We want JUSTICE!

Hi everyone!

Today Imma blog about the #bersih 2.0 thiggy that happened few days ago... have you guys read about the news? Frankly speaking I'm not a person who really care about politics thinggy, but this time... I really feel beh tahan tahap maxima after read & watched those articles and vids which really really pissed me off!

I was busy working past two days so I've got no time to read about the 709 news until today when I read the tweet from Cheesie... 
You know, I almost burst into tears when I read all those #bersih tweets and vids (T__T)

Oh my goodness, this's seriously melt my heart to see lotsa people being so brave to voice out the justice *salute to these people* I'm proud to be Malaysian, I do really love and care about Malaysia except the politics thinggy and I love Nasi Lemak! (Say 'NO' to racism!)

Well, lotsa news articles were made totally different from what I've read and watched from the tweets and vids! Hell yeah, what's going on? Why should the media cover the truth behind the stories?

I didn't mean to insult anyone, I just wanna voice out my opinion as a citizen of Malaysia! Hello Malaysian, everyone has the rights to speak out! Be bold, be brave!

If you're Malaysian, please watch these videos *so touched*

Eff those people who made nonsense and did stupid actions to the innocent citizens!

I just want to say, the citizens are not 3 years old kid, they know what's happening and who's black and white. I used to think police's responsibility is to protect the citizens and ensure their security? Don't you think it's rude to do something stupid like saying something rude to the people, throw tear bomb, arrested those innocent people and abuse of power to get people to shut up! LOL. That's ridiculous isn't it!? But the police has denied about it. Hmm....

What I've said is based on what I've seen thru the vids, I'm not crapping bull-shit myself okay! :)
I think I should stop here, else I would be caught by ISA! Sorry, but it's freedom of speech! *winks*

Those who watch this video, whether you're a supporter of the government or not which does not touch your heart and pierce your soul, I will pray to God Almighty to open your eyes and ears to the truth.
May God bless the soul of this freedom fighter and all the brave men and women, including people that I know Joshua


Somehow I wish that Bumblebee does exist to rescue the people throughout the 709 event itself, lol.

Anyway, Imma share some funny photos for you guys... enjoy it! :D