Monday, May 30, 2011


I'm feeling sick right now, blame the stupid hot hot weather! Urggh, I only slept like 7hours in the past 2 days... OMG! I'm living like a zombie nao!!! 

I always get sick whenever parents are not around :'( Like last time, parents went to China, then I got the 4in1 (read: fever, flu, cough, soar-throat) WTF right? Well, Imma get some rest and get well soon!

Well, I'll be blogging about #sjmharibeliaSuju-M ♥ ♥ 
Sorry I know I've been neglecting my blog and dragged this post like zillion years... I hereby officially apologize to all the readers, please do forgive me :-) *with innocent blinks eyes* lol.

A day before #sjmharibelia, I actually forgotten about this(#sjmharibelia), should thank my friend who reminded me as well, lol. Well, we planned everything and we wanted to go there as early as early bird. You know what, we did really make it. Guess what? begin our journey at the 3am, yea seriously! Hahahaha I know, crazy right!?

I went with a best friend of mine, Steffi, she's really a huge fan of K-pop especially Super Junior! I'm not really a Suju fans, I just want to meet them in real person (I'm forever Cassiopeia #AlwaysKeepTheFaith) To be frank, none of us know how to go to Putrajaya! *sweat*  but thank to the road-signs also the map we google-ed search!

And what? Thank to brilliant me we finally reached the place! Wow, should #praisemyself! BRAVO!! lol.

We reached at 6am something plus...

Say "Hi" to Putrajaya! :-)

7am plus - we managed to sit infront of the stage, we were considered the early birds. I heard some other fans who came far along from other states, they actually reached here at 3am, wow! Everyone were so excited and waiting for Suju oppa(s), they're the VIP who will perform at night! Thanks to our prime minister, Najib who purposely invited them for Hari Belia >3 *salute*

안녕! Camwhoring shots as usual to kill idle!
*lack of sleep symptom* please just ignore my heavy eyebags + dark circles :'(

P5280089a P5280091a P5280092a
Introduce you my best 'chingu', Steffi ♥

While waiting for the night show, there are some other Korean groups to perform their culture, k-pop singing & dancing.


The weather was freaking hot, thank Steffi to lend her shade for me! *winks*

"omo omo omo" (in Korean) Kyu-hyun fan! hehe, but it's not mine!

About this post, I've got lotsa unhappy moment, chapfallen, disappointed and complains... *sighs*

1. We reached early in the morning but we didn't manage to stand infront of the stage due to some issues that really pissed me off, wtf!
2. I got tanned very badly, blame myself forgot to apply sunblock *sobs* I want my original color back!!
3. Stupid me forgot to fully charge my camera so I didn't manage to take much pix on that day :'( totally wasted!!
4. Sorry I have to say that Suju fans (not ALL but some) are really crazy and.... really.... rude, overbearing & selfish!!! Eff you bitches!!

Anyway, I'm happy that I've seen Super Junior-M & Eun-hyuk in real person with my own eyes!! They're real, OMG I can't believe they were performing infront of me... *got fainted* LMAO.
Urghh... can't zoom anymore! almost all pix are blur :(
Eun-hyuk oppa ♥ ♥ ♥ he's really talented, funny and skinny!! >3

I swear, I would never go for FREE showcase anymore!!! Probably this would be my first and last time!? UNLESS I GOT SPONSOR ONE LAH... LOL

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