Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Imma burst into flames

Diploma in Public Relations Year 2 begin today, hello there call me as senior if you see me!? :) Btw, I heard results will be out on this coming Thursday, hopefully I can pass all the subjects! #prayhard
Recently the weather is super duper ultra max terribly hot like hell, wtf Imma have a heat stroke and then burst into flame! Hello human being(who's reading my blog now) drink more water else you gonna melt in the air either evaporate under the Sun. I feel like wanna bathe and being naked 24/7 and I would rather die from extreme cold than hot! Hot weather really pissed me off! Asking: Can I shoot the Sun down? (╯╰) Seriously, water needed even though I'm an Aquarius, lol.

Speaking of hot weather, not to forget to apply sun-block 15mins before going out ya! Else you gonna have sunburn! Those UV light does really harm our skin, don't play play! lol.

Oh yea, I saw someone is selling this bag on facebook...
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Me want a Banana Taipei bag ♥ French Honey Camel? Champs Lavender Grey or Supper Champagne Grey? Thou design look simple and nice! Imma get it soon.... (gotta find part-time job & earn lotsa money, JOB NEEDED!!)

Another bag I 'fall in love' is this one...
The Gucci Marrakech Medium Shoulder Bag, cost 2,290 ●▂●"
Awesome isn't? NICE ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Wrote kinda lotsa wishlist on my lil notebook, like tons of it :( Santa Claus, are you reading my blog now? Hmm....

Okay, that's all for today, will write again soon :)
Imma take shower nao... I'M SO HOT, SWEAT LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS!!!


dookiekookie said...

Hello Cherish. Just started reading your blog. ^^ Like it a lot <3

Anyways, do you know how much is the Banana Taipei bag?

tRuBaSa said...

result coming on tomorow la><.. no thursday.. is wednesday a

Anonymous said...

omg ^^ u look so cute xD <3333
I love this pink bags ^o^ looks nice :)

Cherish 유혜연 ♥ said...

Thanks! ♥ The bag cost around MYR200++

Chococcuro said...

AWw you're so cute!! hehe

That Banana Taipei back...is it inspired by the Hermes Birkin? o_O

Cherish 유혜연 ♥ said...

Yeap, it's inspired by Hermes Birkin! :-D

Melody said...

You are so cute!!!

I want that bag too...but it has a long waiting list like Birkin :(


Kati カティ said...

I just found your blog and Love it <3 You are so cute! And the bag is cute too ^^ http://www.katinosky.blogspot.com/