Sunday, May 8, 2011

Anyong, May ♥

Bonjour, welcome to May!
gotta back to college's life next week, hmmp...
Anyway, Imma tell you guys a good news! Guess what is it? (◡‿◡)

Hehe... God blessed I've passed my undang KPP theory test 4 days ago!! Wow, salute!!
(Hey you, treat me Chatime Pearl Milk Tea as my reward okay? lol.)
Now just wait for my L license... I can't wait to start my driving lessons and Imma pray hard to pass driving test too!
Once I've got my P license Imma drive like F1 racers and go everywhere I want! :P LOL *just kidding*

Life's getting so boring, opps! *just kidding* lol. Me thinking of getting a part-time job on weekends, gotta earn lotsa money and travel with friends! Perhaps backpacking? Hmm... sounds not bad huh? Thailand? Taiwan? Korea? or Japan?

♥ : near, low-expense, can get lotsa cheap and nice stuffs
♡ : hot weather, language barrier

♥ : Nommies & Shopping Paradise
♡ : - No? I think. perhaps spent too much? lol.

Hong Kong
♥ : Definitely a shopping paradise
♡ : Everything cost a BOOM!? Hmm.

South Korea
♥ : can get lotsa cheap masks and skincare, might meet up with Korean artist? lol.
♡ : language barrier

♥ : Sushi(s), people, culture, lotsa kawaii and fashion stuffs \(◕ ω ◕*\)
♡ : language barrier, radioactive?, Visa application, high-expense, at least 10k in S/A?

Well, I'll look for pt job after my new time-table settle down, hopefully I've time to work :)
Okay, it's time to bed nao! Gotta wake up early tmrw for Sunday worship... and
"Happy Mother's Day" to all the moms!
♥ Mommy, I love you berry berry much! ♥ (≧ω≦) MWAHH~*kisses*


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jass said...

congrats for passing your test :p I'm scared of driving lessons :D I hope I won't be too stupid for that :D
you're really pretty :) nice make-up and your lips are so cute!