Monday, May 30, 2011


I'm feeling sick right now, blame the stupid hot hot weather! Urggh, I only slept like 7hours in the past 2 days... OMG! I'm living like a zombie nao!!! 

I always get sick whenever parents are not around :'( Like last time, parents went to China, then I got the 4in1 (read: fever, flu, cough, soar-throat) WTF right? Well, Imma get some rest and get well soon!

Well, I'll be blogging about #sjmharibeliaSuju-M ♥ ♥ 
Sorry I know I've been neglecting my blog and dragged this post like zillion years... I hereby officially apologize to all the readers, please do forgive me :-) *with innocent blinks eyes* lol.

A day before #sjmharibelia, I actually forgotten about this(#sjmharibelia), should thank my friend who reminded me as well, lol. Well, we planned everything and we wanted to go there as early as early bird. You know what, we did really make it. Guess what? begin our journey at the 3am, yea seriously! Hahahaha I know, crazy right!?

I went with a best friend of mine, Steffi, she's really a huge fan of K-pop especially Super Junior! I'm not really a Suju fans, I just want to meet them in real person (I'm forever Cassiopeia #AlwaysKeepTheFaith) To be frank, none of us know how to go to Putrajaya! *sweat*  but thank to the road-signs also the map we google-ed search!

And what? Thank to brilliant me we finally reached the place! Wow, should #praisemyself! BRAVO!! lol.

We reached at 6am something plus...

Say "Hi" to Putrajaya! :-)

7am plus - we managed to sit infront of the stage, we were considered the early birds. I heard some other fans who came far along from other states, they actually reached here at 3am, wow! Everyone were so excited and waiting for Suju oppa(s), they're the VIP who will perform at night! Thanks to our prime minister, Najib who purposely invited them for Hari Belia >3 *salute*

안녕! Camwhoring shots as usual to kill idle!
*lack of sleep symptom* please just ignore my heavy eyebags + dark circles :'(

P5280089a P5280091a P5280092a
Introduce you my best 'chingu', Steffi ♥

While waiting for the night show, there are some other Korean groups to perform their culture, k-pop singing & dancing.


The weather was freaking hot, thank Steffi to lend her shade for me! *winks*

"omo omo omo" (in Korean) Kyu-hyun fan! hehe, but it's not mine!

About this post, I've got lotsa unhappy moment, chapfallen, disappointed and complains... *sighs*

1. We reached early in the morning but we didn't manage to stand infront of the stage due to some issues that really pissed me off, wtf!
2. I got tanned very badly, blame myself forgot to apply sunblock *sobs* I want my original color back!!
3. Stupid me forgot to fully charge my camera so I didn't manage to take much pix on that day :'( totally wasted!!
4. Sorry I have to say that Suju fans (not ALL but some) are really crazy and.... really.... rude, overbearing & selfish!!! Eff you bitches!!

Anyway, I'm happy that I've seen Super Junior-M & Eun-hyuk in real person with my own eyes!! They're real, OMG I can't believe they were performing infront of me... *got fainted* LMAO.
Urghh... can't zoom anymore! almost all pix are blur :(
Eun-hyuk oppa ♥ ♥ ♥ he's really talented, funny and skinny!! >3

I swear, I would never go for FREE showcase anymore!!! Probably this would be my first and last time!? UNLESS I GOT SPONSOR ONE LAH... LOL

Monday, May 23, 2011


It's my bad for not blogging like couple weeks. #badblogger Well, I'm back nao :-) I missed blogging!! Blogging requires lotsa passion. Tell me that you miss me okay? That'll keeps me blogging on. Haha.

Yet my desktop is still out of service, will send it for check up soon! (This's one of the reasons that makes me lack of blogging, yea should blame my desktop instead of my laziness? lol.) I can't blog well as I have tons of pixies stored in the pc and I've to edit them by photoshop :-D

Yesterday, parents went to Philippines for like 12 days, so me and my sis #aloneathome :-( Daddy mommy, we miss you so much! *sobs*

That's all for today, I'll be blogging more soon...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Imma burst into flames

Diploma in Public Relations Year 2 begin today, hello there call me as senior if you see me!? :) Btw, I heard results will be out on this coming Thursday, hopefully I can pass all the subjects! #prayhard
Recently the weather is super duper ultra max terribly hot like hell, wtf Imma have a heat stroke and then burst into flame! Hello human being(who's reading my blog now) drink more water else you gonna melt in the air either evaporate under the Sun. I feel like wanna bathe and being naked 24/7 and I would rather die from extreme cold than hot! Hot weather really pissed me off! Asking: Can I shoot the Sun down? (╯╰) Seriously, water needed even though I'm an Aquarius, lol.

Speaking of hot weather, not to forget to apply sun-block 15mins before going out ya! Else you gonna have sunburn! Those UV light does really harm our skin, don't play play! lol.

Oh yea, I saw someone is selling this bag on facebook...
all (6)

Me want a Banana Taipei bag ♥ French Honey Camel? Champs Lavender Grey or Supper Champagne Grey? Thou design look simple and nice! Imma get it soon.... (gotta find part-time job & earn lotsa money, JOB NEEDED!!)

Another bag I 'fall in love' is this one...
The Gucci Marrakech Medium Shoulder Bag, cost 2,290 ●▂●"
Awesome isn't? NICE ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Wrote kinda lotsa wishlist on my lil notebook, like tons of it :( Santa Claus, are you reading my blog now? Hmm....

Okay, that's all for today, will write again soon :)
Imma take shower nao... I'M SO HOT, SWEAT LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Selling! Eyemazing by Jun Komori

"EYEMAZING" is a product produced by Japanese TV star Jun Komori. It took her half a year to come up with perfect eyelashes, which enable a natural, delicate look and ideal volume on the lash. Comparing to other eyelashes you can find in the city, "EYEMAZING" is made with very soft, fur-like materials creating a gentle and subtle appearance.

Eyemazing come with 3 pairs false lashes per pack 

If you have any inquires regarding pricing or anything, kindly contact me at

PS:// only for serious buyer from Malaysia, sorry! :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Anyong, May ♥

Bonjour, welcome to May!
gotta back to college's life next week, hmmp...
Anyway, Imma tell you guys a good news! Guess what is it? (◡‿◡)

Hehe... God blessed I've passed my undang KPP theory test 4 days ago!! Wow, salute!!
(Hey you, treat me Chatime Pearl Milk Tea as my reward okay? lol.)
Now just wait for my L license... I can't wait to start my driving lessons and Imma pray hard to pass driving test too!
Once I've got my P license Imma drive like F1 racers and go everywhere I want! :P LOL *just kidding*

Life's getting so boring, opps! *just kidding* lol. Me thinking of getting a part-time job on weekends, gotta earn lotsa money and travel with friends! Perhaps backpacking? Hmm... sounds not bad huh? Thailand? Taiwan? Korea? or Japan?

♥ : near, low-expense, can get lotsa cheap and nice stuffs
♡ : hot weather, language barrier

♥ : Nommies & Shopping Paradise
♡ : - No? I think. perhaps spent too much? lol.

Hong Kong
♥ : Definitely a shopping paradise
♡ : Everything cost a BOOM!? Hmm.

South Korea
♥ : can get lotsa cheap masks and skincare, might meet up with Korean artist? lol.
♡ : language barrier

♥ : Sushi(s), people, culture, lotsa kawaii and fashion stuffs \(◕ ω ◕*\)
♡ : language barrier, radioactive?, Visa application, high-expense, at least 10k in S/A?

Well, I'll look for pt job after my new time-table settle down, hopefully I've time to work :)
Okay, it's time to bed nao! Gotta wake up early tmrw for Sunday worship... and
"Happy Mother's Day" to all the moms!
♥ Mommy, I love you berry berry much! ♥ (≧ω≦) MWAHH~*kisses*


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


嘿嘿 又是打中文時間了 心血來潮嘛 平時都在打英文因為省時省眼力還有喜歡濫用英文(誤~)
其實是想要提升英文啦 天天用它就不會忘記對不?(笑)
放假這段期間在家當百分百宅女 挺享受的 防UV防破費還有防空洞!?(Opps又亂哈啦了)
嗯最近都很勤力地在下載動漫、卡通片還有當然是我最近愛看的東京卡哇一電視啦 ♡
期間也有和朋友出去喝茶 不過少 也有和男友去約會 不過也少 因為他最近很多時候都和書“戀愛”了
嗯身為女朋友的當然要體諒囉 寶貝考試加油喔!考好成績找好工作我就可以當名媛了(大笑)

呃 話說自從我第三學期轉新班後 感覺就跟那班同學之間的距離愈來愈遠了 囧
自從知道自己即將被調去新班 整個心情就超低落 好討厭的感覺 很無奈 束手無策
我哭了 因為我捨不得 兩個學期相處培養出來的感情不是假的 感覺大家就像個大家庭 每天都好開心
但殘酷的現實還是發生了 就算是接受不到也被逼接受 權力不在我手中 能怎樣
我是個很重視朋友的人 雖然表面看似重色輕友 除了親人戀人朋友在我生命中是很重要的一份子
少了朋友的日子我會覺得生活變得沒意義 真的
日子一天一天地過 感情就一天比一天地更疏遠了 這是我自己感覺到的
見到同學時感覺就像變成所謂的 "Hi-bye-friend" 究竟是怎麼了
就算有時一起上課 可是感覺之間好像隔了一層膜
是我想太多了嗎? 或許吧 希望如此

對朋友我每次都會說 “唉呀~朋友之間是不需要計較的”(笑) 認識我的朋友都聽過吧
嗯是的 我覺得人與人相處之間要包容 還有顧慮朋友的感受 SHOW SOME RESPECT PLEASE!
朋友之間開玩笑是家常便飯 但畢竟人是有容忍度的 玩笑不能開太大 這是我的限度
像是功課方面 當中一定會有人付出多些有人付出少些 但這些過了就算了 沒在計較
我 不是小氣的人 但任何傷到我自尊的東西我會表示不開心 但我絕不會放記在心裡
不知道為甚麼每次生氣的數幾小時後 心裡的火焰就會不翼而飛了 真的
但有些東西我會很敏感 我很容易吃醋 因為我在乎你們 對我的看法和態度
有件事我真的要說 關於我生日 我知道你(妳)可能在讀著? 最好 因為不想之間的誤會愈陷愈深
生日 我很重視 我其中的願望就是跟班上同學們能夠為我慶生 一起玩樂 重點是那份心意
我知道我生日那段時間是休假期 部分同學都歸鄉了 沒能一起慶祝這我能夠了解
是真心的不管任何時候都會補上那份心意 不會在意時間的關係
不管是提早還是延遲慶祝都不是問題 重點是那份心意 我是這麼認為
但請不要給DDLY的藉口 我會受不鳥 最爛的是 “妳有男友嘛”
想像要是有人這麼對你說 你(妳)會怎樣? 無所謂?真的嗎?憑良心那句喔!
那就是說那些雙雙對對的就可以免慶了? 是這樣嗎?

還有另件事就是 我無法接受不公平的待遇
第一,比如有兩位同學同時慶生 但各禮物的價格卻一天一地 成何體統呢?
要是你是那位收到價格比較廉宜的禮物 感受如何?

第二,就算大家不同班了 但我覺得要是真正當作對方是朋友的話就會真心對待吧?
不是甚麼事都最後一刻才通知 不然就是收錢時才會記得來找你那種
這可不是我一個人這麼認為的 沒人說出來不代表沒人不滿 只是想說不要介意那麼多
但我覺得坦白說出來最好 免得大家誤會愈深,感情愈遠!

每件事的發生都有前因後果 請不要這麼快就下結論
請想想為甚麼事故會那樣 是不是當中出了甚麼問題

話說那天Eric沒去Miao的生日派對 原因是在約好的地方見結果卻無影人蹤
朋友之間雖說需寬容對待 但是時間觀念差也會讓人忍無可忍。

還記得嗎? 朋友一生一起走。

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Haha, actually this post's doing nothing with the title, just put for fun! (✿◕ ‿ ◕✿)
안넹 ♥ it's blogging time! Sorry for being so inefficiently with the update recently cuz something's wrong with my computer again, the stupid motherboard couldn't startup made me couldn't make a proper update, wtf pissed off! Hmm -.- most of my pixies are there but luckily I stored them in backup disk! I'm so brilliant right? lol.

It's May already, my sem-break gonna end soon, so fast! Urggh :'( I'm still in sem-break mood, getting so so so lazy at home being an otaku. Time passes so fast and recall back what I've done... Well, last Saturday, went to listen KPP talk with boyfie's sis for 5 hours, damn boring and mad tiring! Gonna have KPP test on this coming Thursday, gotta memorize all those shitty laws and highway code stuffs else I've to pay RM30 for resit! Wish me good luck! (≧◡≦)

Last few days, parents and lil sis went to Penang and leave me #aloneathome cuz I've to go for KPP talk :( I was so scared and I don't like being alone at home cuz you know that I'm the type of person who is timid and tend to believes the 'something'? Hmm, NOT REALLY, but I've always imagined that thou 'something' is behind or looking at me, especially showering at night ! OMG terrifying!! *don't look at the mirror!!* I scare myself now, wtf!
Okay, 30/04 was the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton ♥ ♥ Have you watched the Live on TV? You should watch it! :) Aww... wish them stay sweet and live happily forever and ever ♥ ♥ ♥ since Prince William is taken then I will take Prince Harry?? I wanna marry a prince and live as a princess too!! LOL!

Take me to Tokyo!! ♥

Recently watched Tokyo Kawaii TV. Not NHK cuz I didn't subscribe the channel but I downloaded it! Well, it's a Japanese program which mostly talk about the culture and fashion of Japan and specially made for gals! Watching Tokyo Kawaii TV makes me wanna fly to Japan right now and shop in Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku and etc! Everything about Japan are superb awesome and kawaii, this's the reason why I love Japan so much!! ♥ ♥ ♥

And what? I saw one of the popular Popteen model, 松岡里枝 on NHK! Aww she look superb kawaii, I like her eyes make-up, 可愛下垂風水滴眼 ♥ ♥

Here's the pix I print screen from the vid! Sharing is caring 

And last, my recent shopping haul ♥ ♥ 
1. Sunblock SPF 50+  Idk what brand is it, new brand I think :)
2. Mask from Etude House  RM12 with 5 sheets (Brightening, Firming, Moisturizing, Nourishing & Refreshing)
3. Popteen magazine May 2011 issue

Urggh, the weather is damn hot like hell, Imma take shower nao! Tata  ♥
and wish my baby boy good luck in his final exam! >3