Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Try this on your next tweet!

Hello peepo, I'm totally addicted with That can be my next tweet! after reading Cheesie's post! lol Have you tried this yet? It's fun to play and read the tweet, cuz it will combine your previous tweets randomly into one sentence, wtf!

Lemme' show you mine, hahahaha... 
Hmm... wanna try advertise by blogging? Yeap, try me, just RM5! lol 

 Hmm... pay me 24k carat gold and I can do a mag.shoot for you, believe my skill! lol

wtf! I always feel hungry whenever I blog in the middle of night, haha 

men JJ? wtf! Interested? Go to KLL on tomorrow! ROFL 

The weather's getting super hot recently, let's kill the sun and make it a poached egg! LMAO 

Aww... Japan Disneyland is my long-life-dream ever! Gotta make it comes true! Work hard to earn money!! 

#myrecentaddiction - Chatime Pearl Milk Tea & Big Apple Donuts ♥

wtf is this? hahaha 

Can someone tell me where can I download lotsa money? *eyes blink* 

Eat dessert then can shine like ABC? ABC = angmoh? me want like mixed = AngelaBaby?

Where's RT? Yea, it's hard to meet, date and get married with money! Money is awesome than 6,000 Malaysian, lol! 

Now everyone can fly... Opps, did I say AirAsia!? XD

Yea, follow me @cherishaeyan on Twitter now! :) 

Okay, I promise would update my blog often, no ffk again! Hahahaha... 

This's the reason why lotsa crime happened in here?  (0.0- )?

Learn how to give away stress and blues? Wash dirt biking? Do revision? 

 Korean ramen can change your life! Cook now! lol
Edward Cullen? suck blood under F1? Cool!! wtf!

Link my blog on your blog list NOW! And keep read my blog 24/7! Be my reader! haha 

HOT Promotion: buy me now at RM45 only! only accept cash or cash transfer, provide COD (cash on delivery) I'm FRESH & YOUNG! Buy me now while stock last, Limited Edition only 1 stock left! wtf! *just joking* hahaha.... 

 Go spread your emo virus to people who surrounding you!

Now you know I'm lazy, the reason why I didn't blog effeciently? No longer play 微博, 推特(Twitter) is the best! *thumb up* 

Let's dive & drift in the sky to kill hotness weather! 

Boyfie, are you reading this? Get it? *blush* 

Wanna have porcelain doll skin and shine like your Maybank card!? Now you can get it with cheap price, wtf!

Haha... it made my day! Try yours today and share with me! :P

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