Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Outing Alone

Yesterday I went out to KLCC shopping alone. Hmm, not actually shopping but I purposely went there for something. It's my first time going to KLCC after so long, I mean in 2011. Hehe!

So I woke up early in the morning to get myself doll-up and everything. Then I asked daddy to send me to the nearest KTM(Keretaapi Tanah Melayu) station. For those who're not staying in Malaysia you might not know what is KTM. FYI, KTM is the main rail operator in Penisular Malaysia. For more information you can check it out here.

I never take train like zillion years as I seldom went to KL recently. Most of the time I went to 1U or my boyfriend either friend'll fetch me by car :) To be frank, I really hate to take public transport, as you know in Malaysia, the services are really bad! I hate to wait and wasting my precious time. Sometimes, I rather take cab than bus/train although it's cost much expensive!

Okay, seem like I'm talking out of the topic huh? haha
Well, I didn't really take much of pixies on yesterday. Perhaps I'm shy to take pix of myself alone at the public!
Yes, I'm very timid, whatever! LOL

(Look at my baby skin, thanks to Angel Color Make-up base! PS:// I didn't photoshop my face :P)
Talking about my outfit of the day, perhaps you couldn't see it from pix! Nevermind, I'll show you next time!
Top: Sg.Wang, which I bought it long time ago
2nd-hand Winnie The Pooh jumpsuit: I get it from internet, I love bundle! :)
Shoes: MCKY

I reached KLCC about 12pm something. Immediately I went to look for the 'something' in KLCC but I couldn't find it. Then I went to McD to have lunch since I haven't eat all the way from home. Somemore McD lunch set at only RM5.95 not included taxes! *winks* So after filled up stomach, I headed to the concierge at Concourse Level to ask about the 'something'... then ended up they said don't know! :(

I was like..."huh? how come? cuz the 'something' is having promotion at KLCC, I saw it from internet" wtf! I was pissed off!
I tried to cool down my mind and start thinking where could it be huh? Then suddenly my mind "pop-out" something, it told me it might be at Isetan! Oh ya, why I never thought of it huh?

Bingo! Thanks to my smart-brain! Yeah, a few hours after, finally I found it!! *touching* Sighs, why is it in Isetan? Should blame myself for not note clearly the actual venue :(

Hehe... you guys might be wondering "Hey, what's the something about? Why wouldn't you share to us? You're selfish! Hate you! I won't read your blog again, forever and ever... herng!!" - click [x] close tab! Hey... wait!! Don't do that!! I was about to tell you guys now... *cheer*

It's a good news to all the gals / gyarus!! ♥ (Guys, sorry :P)
First, do you know who's Tsubasa Masuwaka(益若つばさ)? Don't tell me you don't know huh?
Or else neither you're not a Japanese freak nor ain't gyaru?

Okay, nevermind! It's doesn't matter with it :) If you don't know, let me tell you...

Tsubasa Masuwaka is well known for her superb awesome kawaii pretty appearance in the Japanese Gyaru Magazine 'Popsister' currently, and she's kinda the top gyaru model in Japan, also in my heart, she's my goddess ever!  
Here's a lil bio of her:
Tsubasa Masuwaka was born on October 13th 1985, making her 26 years old, in Koshigaya City, Saitama. She is well known for her appearence in the Japanese Gyaru Magazine 'Popteen'. She grew a strong and devoted fanbase in Asia, before retiring from Popteen in December 2007, only to return as a special guest. 
Popteen: Popteen is well-known to turn their readers into models, and at the age of 17, Tsubasa appeared for the first time as a reader. She then became a fast favourite of many readers.
Personal Life: Tsubasa Masuwaka announced in December 2007 that she has married Naoki Umeda, a male fashion model. She announced on her blog that she had graduated from Popteen and that the February 2008 issue would be her last. In the same year she gave birth to a baby boy, revealing that she had been pregnant at the time of her wedding and in several fashion shoots. 
Her Achievement: Tsubasa Masuwaka also working in cosmetic lines which she has designed and produced her own brand called Dolly Wink and Candy Doll.
♥ so now you know who's she right? :)

Okay, now Imma tell you the "something", it's....
Koji Dolly Wink is having an exclusive workshop roadshow called "Kawaii Cute Look" at Isetan KLCC, Coucourse Floor also at Isetan Lot 10, 1 Floor from 1st April - 10 April 2011.
 Purchase a RM150 voucher and it can fully redeemable for Koji's products.
 Be the 1st 150 customers then you're entitled to get a goody bag worth RM82 & you'll get a makeover.
 Free light refreshment and make-up for face will be on 8th - 10th April 2011.

I bought mine already ♥. So if you're interested too head over there and get yours now!

Before I went home, I got myself a necklace from Vincci ♥.

Anyways, remember don't miss the superb awesome exclusive roadshow out ya!
4in1 b

Also, not forget to wish "Happy 16monthsary" to me and my boyfie ♥ ♥


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