Monday, April 4, 2011

New products of Melliesh + Eyemazing

The end of March was a busy month for Pop Sister models Tsubasa Masuwaka, Yui Kanno and Jun Komori. The three girls just released new face base makeup for their three cosmetic lines to the public on 3/25 with the items being released in the first week of April online. Here's some information on the newly released items!

While Yui Kanno's line of cosmetics released a lot of similar products and shades like Candy Doll, she expanded her line to also include gel eyeliner and eye tape recently. This month she releases two face products, in which she has an edge over Candy Doll by including sponges and makeup brushes. Keep in mind they are also supposed to be very limited in quantity!

Melliesh Multi Skincare Base Set (BB Cream + Sponge)
Yui's BB Cream and makeup sponge are supposed to be natural products, being free of oils, parabens and fragrances. The finish is supposed to be natural looking, like baby's skin!
1 shade available, 1575yen.

Melliesh All-in-One Mineral Powder
The All-in-one mineral powder is natural as well, which is free of oils, parabens and fragrances. The color is a natural beige shade which is supposed to compliment and suit anyone's skin tone. It has a semi-matte finish for light coverage.
1 shade available, 2100yen.

Jun Komori's Eyemazing line has been around for about a year but only released cosmetics within the last few months. She released the basic line of lip glosses, blush and powder highlighter with a gel liner at the beginning of the year along with new styles of eyelashes. The line has expanded this month with eyebrow mascaras and face powder, along with a special edition lip gloss.

This eyebrow mascara is supposed to work like any normal eyebrow mascara, it hides the original color of your eyebrows without the need to dye them.
2 shades available, 1260yen.

Jun's matte face powder is competitively priced and is very similar to Diamond Beauty's Diamond Puff line.
2 shades available, 1680yen.

If you are a fan of Edge Style magazine, you would have seen that this month the special gift was a sample size of Eyemazing's lip gloss in this shade (Nudy Beige). They decided to produce full size products of the shade and made it limited to only 1000 quantities!

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