Monday, April 4, 2011

New Banner ♥

Wow!! After few hours editing, finally done a new banner for my blog!! :67:
Say byebye to the old one! :face20:
Previous one - made by 16th April 2009.

Current one with lotsa polka dots, actually I got inspired from Tsu-chan's blog & Wakatsuki's WC :h::face51: and I use back some of the cute stuffs like the cute lil dinosaurs, pinky loves and the cute lil bling bling diamonds which are all drawn by myself using a mouse, yeah you gotta believe me!
Wow, I'm so talented, LOL *just kidding* Okay, Imma sleep nao...  おやすみなさい!

So, tell me which one do you prefer? :face46:
Kindly leave me a comment okay? :face39:
Rawr Dinosaur - rawr!!! dinosaur!!!!

1 comment:

s u e ty i said...

i like your new is so cuete kawaii....!!!!