Thursday, April 21, 2011

Girl's Life 桜井莉菜 (Sakurai Rina)

Accidentally saw this Girl's Life on Youtube. This movie is actually talking about being a Japanese Girl Gyaru's life in Japan! It has been released on 25th December 2009. Urghh, I know I'm kinda out-dated! :(
Girl's Life [DVD] Japanese GAL/GYARU Rina SakuraiGirl's Life [DVD] Japanese GAL/GYARU Rina Sakurai

Here is Sakurai Rina's Girl's Life full trailer with English subtitles.★ Enjoy~

The Plot:
A positive girls miracle success story. Rina Sakurai, a popular model of Koakuma Ageha, a hair and make-up magazine for gals, makes her actress debut. Abandoned by family and betrayed by her boyfriend, Haruka Ichinose comes to Tokyo with her pet turtle, Jimmy. With heaped up blonde hair, flashy fashion, beloved Jimmy, and no fixed address, she takes interviews. But she has no luck on job hunting and becomes a net cafe refugees. One day, she finds a flyer and she jumps into a cabaret. What kind of future is waiting for Haruka?
Wow, me can't wait to watch this! Anyone know where can I get/download it please leave me a comment ya! I've once saw someone selling its DVD on web at 3990yen with tax included, around MYR 139.04. So expensive! :'(
I wonder can I get it in Malaysia? :)

Okay, here's personal details of Sakurai Rina 
Name: 桜井莉菜 Sakurai Rina, commonly know as Sakurina (さくりな)
D.O.B: April 13, 1983 in Osaka, Japan
Astrological Sign: Aries
Height: 154cm
Blood Type: A-
Hobbies: doing nails, karaoke
She is a model for the himegyaru oriented magazine 小悪魔ageha (Koakuma Ageha). She has been working there since she was sixteen and has been on the cover of the magazine a few times. In March of 2008 she started her career as a solo vocalist, releasing her first single called "Angel" along with her first DVD called "Breath".
Personal Website:
Online Shop:
Personal Blog:

To be frank, I'm not really a fan of her, but her way of make-up and especially her huge and fabulous hairstyle is really attracting me, also her eyes make-up! She's just perfect for me, superb fancy just like a real princess!

Please leave me a comment if anyone of you know where to get or download this movie ya?
San-kyuu! ♥

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you can download the whole movie with english sub here