Monday, April 4, 2011

CandyDoll ベースシリーズ + Dolly Wink

Hello, good news here for all the gyarus ♥ wondering what's it? :)

Special present to you the new products from Candy Doll,  which has been launched on 3/25 to the public and the items being released in the first week of April online.
So, let's check out the informations on the newly released items now! 
It took Tsubasa a long time to produce her line of face products because she only wanted the best quality!

NEW! products of Candy Doll

NEW!! Candy Doll Make-up Base
 A makeup base that is supposed to be a "all in one" item: to even out and improve skin tone, provide UV protection, reduce pore visibility and provide good coverage.
1 shade available, 1890yen.

NEW!! Candy Doll Liquid Foundation
Candy Doll's Liquid Foundation is supposed to provide excellent coverage and pore reduction while feeling light and staying put through out the day.
2 shades available, 2310yen.

NEW!! Candy Doll Concealer
A concealer that is supposed to provide 100% coverage for skin imperfections like pimples and redness. Concealer is supposed to be light reflecting to give you a highlighted look.
2 shades available, 1260yen.

NEW!! Candy Doll Powder Foundation
A powder foundation is supposed to provide 100% coverage for skin imperfections like pimples and redness. It helps to look good with beautifully glowing and a smooth as silk complection.
1 shade available, 2100yen.

Oh my goodness, the design of the packaging are mad chioness!!So tsubasa-ish!  Also, the price are reasonable & affordable!!The products seem awesomeI wanted to give it a try...Imma get all of these, love it and don't miss it out!!

Before I end this post, let me show you the Dolly Wink Limited Edition!!
(No.2 Upper Lash + No.6 Lower Lash) and eyelash casing ♥
This limited edition only available by end of April. ONLY LIMITED STOCK!! 

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