Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool ♥

Hello, people! Today's 1st April, so it's April Fool! Did you get pranked today?
Actually this post is doing nothing with the title, just put for fun! :D

I remember last year's April Fool, I dumped my bf and I told him that I wanna break up with him. Then he tends to believe me and he was going burst into tears and he keeps begging me not to do so... Aww I know, my bad! I thought he know it was a April Fool prank. haha! Anyway, he got pranked! LOL. so fun to prank other people!! *evil laugh*

Phew! I had forgotten when was my last dating with him. LOL
College stuffs are driving us(me & boyfriend) insane. I've got no much time as my final is coming soon on next week, guess what!? I still haven't start my revision yet, wtf! :'( 2 subjects for this sem plus 2 resit subjects, total 4 papers!!
Oh my holy god, RESCUE ME!!
Can please someone ban the exam? or burn the exam papers? LOL, WORLD PEACE!! :P ♥ ♥ ♥

Found some dating pixies and I nearly forgot to update this! hehe
I don't know when is it, March I think? :)
As you can see from the pix, my hair color was so uneven, regretted!! :( I should have used 2 box of hairdye.

Make-up of the day ♥ : Diamond Lash falsies ♥

Babyboy and I had our date at 1U :)
I always enjoyed every moments being with him, just two of us ♥ ♥

Not every single dating must just doing eat and watch movie right?
A simple walk with the love one will do for me. 

We had our dinner at Pizza Milano
Actually I did curl my hair that day, but phailed again! blame the curler tong! :'(

Nommies being served!
Babyboy and I ordered the same Spaghetti Carbonara (we regretted it tasted "so-so" only)

Side-dish: cream of mushroom soup (Eww! super duper salty)

Sighs! superb large portion and we can't even finish it, so wasted!! :(
(just wanted to say it taste really sucks, perhaps no next time anymore!! hmmp)

Some people may have been wondering... why do some people(obviously talking myself, lol) like to take tons pix of food while having a meal. For me, it's good as we can recommend good food to people around, and also to to attract more people to read my blog? *Opps, now you know my secret!* LOL!!

Well, before I end my post, gonna show you some epic of us, lol :D
Oh my cute babyboy ♥
You see me? LOL.
That's all! Stay tuned for the next post :)

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Carrie said...

love your falsies :)

You look so cute!