Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hello, just wanna do a short update here! :) Well, my blog dead like fortnight due to my final exams. (Hope I can pass all the papers and proceed to Year 2. Wish me good luck!) Now I'm having sem-break, yeah!! Gonna start my Diploma Year 2 on 9th May, wtf only 3 weeks sem-break! Meanwhile, boyfie also having a week of study week to do revision then final exam! After that, he gonna start his 4 months sem-break but too bad that time I already start my year 2! Sighs, what a coincidence!

So wondering what am I doing this sem-break? :)
Yeap, me gonna have my car driving test, what else? Hmm... oh ya, thank boyfie for teaching me to download movies from internet. (Opps, pirated huh? Shhh...) Haha! I actually downloaded lotsa Japanese anime, especially those... Hentai? Of course No, not at all!? lolll I prefer those campus life plus a lil 'enchantment', I mean magic? and of course must have kawaii/moe characters! *blush* Now, I'm officially an otaku! haha So, any recommend?

Now I'm downloading Lucky Star★
See, all the girls are mad kawaiiness ♥ ♥

From left to right: Tsukasa Hiiragi, Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi & Miyuki Takara. 
Me love Konata(blue hair) and Miyuki(pink hair) the most! ♥

Look! Miyuki with spec, moe 100% 
(me suddenly wanna dye into pink hair, lolll)

Me also still watch Pokemon, even though I'm 16 years old now, wtf! lol
Pokemon Black and White, if I'm not wrong? :)
These are the 3 pokemons for trainers in Pokemon Black and White.
I personally like the cute lil piggie, Tepig! mad chioness ♥

Okay, that's all for now! I'll be updating another new post soon... stay tuned!
And don't forget to leave me a comment for any recommended anime ya? :)
Oh ya, before you leave my blog, could you do me a favor please?
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