Monday, March 28, 2011

Vote for me

Hello, I'm back for blogging again! See, how efficient I am, I mean recently :-P
So how's ya all? Whatcha doing now? Obviously you're reading my blog isn't it? hehe

Hi readers there, could you do me a favor? Yeap, I need your votes :D
Okay, recently I've entered some (just 2) facebook competitions cuz they're offering great prizes, only one winner with top votes can get it!
To be frank, I wanna win the prizes they offered, so I need votes from you, seriously your vote would mean a lot to me!

So here you go, please vote me ♥ It's easy, just like ABC :)
I've got 2 competitions, so please do vote both for me yay! Thank you very much!

1. Not forgot to inform that you have to "Like" this page(click here) first only you can vote me!
2. So after you liked the page, click here. Then you'll see a photo of me like this...
3. Then, this's the last step. Just click "Like" on the photo here. So you're done now :)

Okay, so now move to 2nd part to continue vote me! :D

1. Just follow the steps as above mentioned, like this page first.
2. Then, click here. you'll see a photo.
3. Click "Like" on the photo. Okay, now you're done all!

Yayy, thank you very much!!! Give you lotsa loves ♥ ♥ ♥
Your vote really mean a lot to me, seriously. I do appreciate it, really :)
I hope I can win this... pray for me and wish me good luck 

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