Monday, March 28, 2011

Love For Japan ♥

Sorry, I know I'm kinda late to write this post...
You know, that day morning, I woke up and I was so shocked when I heard this news, my parents told me about it. and I was like "huh? is it real? how come? It seems to be happens so suddenly..." then I quickly turn on the TV to watch the news, it's real, it's terrible!! Oh my goodness, Japan is a beautiful country, how could this happen to destroy such a beautiful place?  then my blood was like stops flowing to the brain.... I was so scared!

Meanwhile, my brain pop up with lotsa my own illusion like doomsday, judgement day, whatever stuffs... sign of apocalyptic!?

I watched TV, lotsa people lost their loved ones also their homes. I felt so bad and sad for them.

This tsunami was the most powerful earthquake recorded  in Japan since records begin. It's feared to have killed 10s of thousands of people.

Yet most of Japanese still remain calm in this situation. I just hope there's something that I could do to help out too. So what can I do is donate money to help those victims.

I hope everything & everyone gets better really soon. I hope I can have the chance to visit to Japan someday, make a little contribution to their economy perhaps? :)
Japan, be strong, we love you. ♥ #prayforjapan #loveforjapan

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