Friday, March 25, 2011

25032011 ♥

My blog is dead for so long time. I'm seriously a phailed blogger, sighs! :-( I know I'm not efficient at blogging as I had promised before. I'm gonna slap myself!

The reason that I couldn't blog cuz something was wrong with my pc, it just couldn't start up and keep shutdown automatically by itself, really pissed me off! But luckily now it's fixed already.

Btw, I'm doing fine as usual. Apparently 2011 is not a good year for me :'( wondering why? Hmm...

Okay, since I didn't blog for almost a month, I think? So let me update you guys about what's happening in my 2011.

January, definitely a good start for me. I'm so excited all over the month cuz I'm looking forward to my birthday which falls on 31st Jan. Yea I'm January Baby, and now I'm officially 20, Wow! Also, I enjoyed my 1 month sem-break until 14th February. But recall back what I've done, I couldn't remember as well. I think I wasted my time? cuz I stayed at home like 24/7 except CNY time. I remember Boyfie just started his sem-break few days before CNY, so we doesn't have much time to hang out; plus most of my classmates went back hometown. Hmm! What a coincident! So I didn't have chance to celebrate my birthday with them only with my family & him, what a pity again! :'(

I didn't receive any pressies from friends nor boyfriend except my bestie & family, wtf! Super emo. I wanna cry out loud...

February, It's Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day again, happens once a year. So about my CNY, I'll blog about it later, perhaps this week, I swear :-P Hmm, as I'm growing older, for me, nothing special about CNY except reddish ang pao(s)! Honestly, I don't like CNY as the weather during CNY is super duper ultra max hotness, like in hell, Imma melt into the air! Then about my 2011 Valentine's Day, you can read more here. Back to college's life on 14th Feb, issh! Not a good one, again, big sighs! What's wrong with my life in 2011?

March, much more better than the previous two months. Yup, I dyed my hair, phailed one cuz uneven. Imma dye again! Busy with college stuffs, girl's outing, gathering, dating, and so on. FYI(for your information), now I'm having 3rd sem which is a short sem, so there's no much time for me to play around, gotta rush lotsa assignments, mid-term test, etc. So let me show you one of my assignment, designing a magazine coverpage project, my most satisfying work.♥

Taa~daaa!! ♥ ♥ ♥
Wow, I named it as CherryPop as I can't use others like Popteen since it's a copyrighted! Lol
I made my fav goddess - Tsu-chan as my magazine coverpage's model, OMG she looks superb awesome isn't?
So, what do you think? :)

Hmm... about my college. This sem, I was transferred to a new class(B7) as the office department wanted PR classes have the same number of students in every classes. My previous class(B6) has the most student compared to the others. So unfortunately I'm one of the 12 have to shift down to B7, wtf! I miss my friends so much, miss those happy moments that we have been together... we're seperated now! We're no longer in close relationship like last time. Everything had changed. Perhaps just let it be. Honestly, I still haven't get use to current class, hmm :(

April, time passes really quickly like a blink of eyes. Final is coming, real soon, so fast! I still haven't prepare for it, seriously. Hmm. Hope I won't fail on this sem as the courses are really tough for me, thank God I passed on last sem too! and my CGPA increased, helleluia~♥ I hope I'll do better than last time, gotta put more effort on revision. Aza Aza Hwaiting!!

And last, please kindly vote me on here by clicking "Like" on the photo. I wanna win the cheki, hopefully I can win this ♥ ♥ ♥

Okay, I gotta work hard for my study also my bank account, earn more money yey! ♥

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