Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Year's Resolution ♡

Hello ello eh eh eh, actually I wanted to blog about this during the first week of Jan since it's New Year. But end up post failed due to myself laziness, oppps! :D

Well, it's February already, days are going so fast and Chinese New Year is around the corner... I can't wait for Red Ang Pao, it's so tempting that I couldn't resist it! Lol guess what? I'm now officially 20!!!(I'm going older?) It's okay, it doesn't matter because age is just a number *agree with me?* the most important is I always look younger than my actual age! Lol HAPPY x 99999.99999999 ♥ ♥ ♥ Hopefully this year will be another great year filled with happiness, joy, health & wealth!!! :) Keep positive-minded will do! Aza Aza Hwaiting~♥



1. Keep my blog alive! I shall update my blog more often as can as possible.

2. Try to camwhore more like tons pixies of myself for blogging purpose? :)

3. DIET! Eat Less! Cherish, please stop being lazy and do exercise/massage everyday! Cut down fats! Or else I'll become a super duper ultra max fatty (肥仔) *touchwood*

4. Tone down my superb tan skin! I wanna be like Snow White. Lol

5. I shall study hard and do more revision! Say NO to fail & resit!

6. Practice more gyaru make-up & hairstyle. Practice makes Perfect!

7. Get my driving licence!!!

8. Try not to bully(way of mine to show my love to him?) boyfriend often as I always do. Lol

9. Make more friends especially gyarus all over the world. No friends No fun!

10. Keep my bedroom clean 24/7. Remember always put things back after use!

11. Try to make a make-up tutorials? vlog?

12. Keep contact & maintain relationship with friends. Hang out more with girls. I love gossip moment with them! ♥

13. Attitude. Live happily, keep mind positive and hardworking. Nothing is impossible, I'm possible!

14. Saving. so that I can buy more things for myself? I just couldn't resist cute stuffs!! #girlsbeinggirls

15. Lifestyle - Sleep early, drink plenty of water, do more facial-mask, keep face clean all the time!

16. Religion - Go to church on every Sundays and get mature in physically, internally & spiritually.

17. Learn/improve something! Eg: Learn Korean language? Improve Cooking skill? Make-up skill?

18. Emotion - Control my temper from getting angry easily. Being more understanding and be mature!

19. Pray often (before&after wake-up, sleep, eat, drink, go out, come back, etc) to God! So that God will remember me ♥.

20. Love everyone around me ♥ (God, family, boyfriend, friends and readers!!!)

Loves from Cherish 

Stay tuned, I'll be blogging about my birthday soon :)

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