Friday, February 11, 2011

♥ Join me on facebook

Hello people, miss me? Sorry didn't turn up to update for so long :)
Well, Imma do a short-update nao ♥
Ok I believe most of you 9999.999999% people(who're reading this) do have a facebook account right? Don't tell me you don't have it? I gonna smack you... Opps, just kidding! haha

Hmm, so as my post title written, yes you can join me on facebook!
It's my facebook page  "Cherish Baby 유혜연" ! click here to join :)
You can see updates about me on my page
Please visit and support my facebook page!
Some of you might have joined this zillion years ago already? I do really appreciate it, thank you very much! It's a page, maybe you might be curious why not add me as friend on facebook? Sorry to say cuz my fb had reached friends limited for an account.
Anyway did you notice something different on my page? :) hehe
Ok time's up! You get it?
Yeah, I've changed my page name "Cherish 유혜연" to "Cherish Baby 유혜연".
Lol, I just added "Baby" only ♥ yes call me Cherish Baby yay! :D

and what? It's ain't easy to change the name cuz editing name option is only available if fewer than 100 people like my page. So, it means I've to delete some of you people from my page.
I'm really sorry about it but I have to and I deleted quite number of it, SAD! *sobs*

So please join me again if I've deleted you from my page? Forgive me yay!
Your like is appreciated! =)
Thank you! Love & Peace.

and don't forget to enter my 1st ever giveaway here, thank you!
I'll be back to blog about my birthday, CNY and so on, stay tuned! :)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
With much of loves, XOXO
by Cherish Baby 유혜연.

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