Monday, February 7, 2011

A day before 14monthsary ♥

Uhmm, monthsary? Yeap, as usual, we (boyfriend and me) used to celebrate our monthsary together.♥ Anyway it's a must for us to celebrate on 6th of every month ♥ ♥ and Idk why I always get excited and so happy like nobody's business whenever it comes to 6th. 

오빠  사랑해요 (Baby boy I love you) ♥

P1010930 (2)a
Please do ignore my bangs, fugly face and also sexy-less dry lip :'(
PS:// I look superb messy here, really get annoyed with my bangs cuz it keeps poking my eyes!!

So for our celebration, boyfie brought me to The Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe @ The Curve cuz he knows I like their Spaghetti Carbonara so much.
(FYI, I can eat/finish large portion of it and I'm good at cooking spaghetti as well. I've cooked once for baby boy and I'm so glad that he really liked it.)

Thanks to baby boy for being so sweet and lovely for not forgetting our 14 monthsary on tomorrow which is 6th February :) We make it earlier a day before the actual day cuz boyfie is not free (he gotta "CNY gang visit" with his friends) somemore tomorrow is Sunday I need to go to church for worship.

I really love to dine at The Garden cuz the deco is damn awesome & pretty, what else? The ambiance there is really nice and I feel so relaxed, happy, satisfied, excited, etc. FREE YOUR MIND :)

It's located just infront the e@Curve

However I kinda suggest this place for you guys especially couples  Trust me, I can say that it's such a good place for you to have romantic dining, the prices is reasonable and affordable. So, why not? For those who haven't been before, watcha waiting for? Just head down there with your family, friend also loves one and you can feel that way too :)
PS:// I wish I could have garden-deco home in future. ♥ can't resist the beauty of nature! lol

Boyfie and me camwhore around while waiting food being served :)
My super duper ultra max handsome boyfriend ♥

He's mine ♥, not yours! :P

P1011027aYayy, finally it's my turn :D #awkwardfaceexpressionever

Outfit of the day ♥
Top - Sg. Wang
Bottom - Cotton On
Bag - Treats


#Act 2 - KAWAIIwtf.jpeg (LOL!!)

Okay, it's nommie time! Enjoy the food pixies yay ♥ *drooling*
My favorite pasta - Spaghetti Carbonara ♥

Boyfie's pasta - Spaghetti Marinara

Iced Cappucino

Us with yummy nommies ♥ ♥ ♥


After nom nom, it's burn fat session (take a walk @The Curve) as you know that now is CNY and everyone is eating 24/7 non-stop and getting fat so easily. OMG!!

Apparently CNY = DANGEROUS FESTIVAL  囧   Nooo... that's why! I shall control my mouth not to eat much or else I can't fit into pretty gorgeous kawaii clothes :( I have to diet 24/7, always keep reminding myself "I'm fat" x9997656.4454779889323 times  so I can't simply eat too much! I keep blaming that why is God don't give me a body that I can eat whatever how much I want but won't gain fats huh, why? why? TELL ME WHY? Why can people have that but I don't? That's not fair!! *sob*

Deco infront of e@Curve - 大紅大紫 Lol

Hmm... maybe I should not blame God but myself. Perhaps should blame myself for not controlling my mouth not to eat so much and my laziness for not doing exercises at all. Urgh -.- Okay, fine! It's all my fault! #acceptit.jpeg

Then we passed by some random shop, guess what?  OMFG I saw one of the shops is selling Victoria's Secret stuffs!!! Fyi, my most favorite fragrance is Victoria's Secret Strawberries & Champagne Eau de Toilette. They're selling it at MYR55, what the heck damn expensive man! *eyes rolling* It only cost $9.50USD which is MYR28 on the official website. Imma get mom's friend who is staying in US to help me buy it :)

Then we headed to Daiso. Yeap, I bought something again! Guess what have I bought? :)

Taa-daaa!! ♥ ♥ ♥

P1010922 (3)
From Up to Down(clockwise) :
Polka Dot cosmetic case, Cosmetic Brush & Lower Falsies.

Things selling in Daiso are mad cheap! Each item only sell at 5MYR, seriously! Could you believe that?
Yes, no lie, it's true!!! :D

Which I really recommend for girls is the lower-lashes that I bought :)
P1010928 (2)
Nah, this one. 5MYR ONLY!!!

P1010931 (2)
See, it's invisible band, soft and natural lashes.

After done a lil shoppping, we went outside to camwhore again!
We're such a camwhore-couples.♥  Lol
Camwhore failed! Terribly blurish & poor quality pix! :(

My camera is Olympus Stylus 710, seriously sucks as you can see from my pixies. *totally dissapointed!*

Hmm... thinking to buy a new one, any brand/model recommended? Canon, Lumix or Ricoh?

Afterwards, went home around 10.30pm.
Last camwhore pixies of us ♥
Baby boy acted cute, aww feel like wanna pinch his cheek! ♥ lol
I look so short & tiny standing beside of him, so that he can protects me right? ♥

I LOVE YOU ♥ Thanks for being so good to me and spent the day with me. I do really appreciate every moment with you, you totally made my day ♥

Saw this on the way to carpark. RABBITS, mad chioness! I WANT ONE ♥ ♥ ♥

Last pix of mine ♥ Idk why I love this the most, perhaps I look good in blur pix? lol.

Lastly, Red ang pow from boyfriend's mommy. Thank you aunty ♥

So, how was your CNY? :) Enjoy ya!


Kathryn said...

I am glad you enjoyed your day! Happy monthavesery!

I just got a brand new camera. It is a Nikon Coolpix. Its 12 MP and 4x wides zoom. I am really pleased with it and its purple! I think it cost around $250.00 USD. I had a cannon and this camera is a million times better.
Cheers Pretty Girl!

Anonymous said...

happy monthsary! you guys look good together :)

hey, i also love carbonara, and i can a big plate of it!

im your new follower :)

valelettrika said...

happy monthsary!
I'm Italian and I have to tell you .. those are not the spaghetti carbonara!
Spaghetti are made with bacon fried in a little oil, add the spaghetti, boiled in 'salt water and make a satare minutes in a pan add the beaten egg and pepper with it!