Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Valentine's Day ♥

Valentine's Day isn't just for sweethearts – it is the celebration of all the loves in our lives… special people, family, friends, neighbors, and pets that touch your heart.

Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic days in a year. So, it is natural that each one of us wishes to celebrate this day on a uniquely special way. So yea I did celebrate V-day with my boy, this's our 2nd year V-day. Or I should say we didn't celebrate it? Hmm... cuz something bad happened! :'(

Well, I did a simple ♥love(s) deco on my nails on V-day, nice? ?

That day, we went to Babylon Cafe as he didn't book for V-dinner plus most of restaurants are flooded with couples. Well, we were a lil bit late due to some reasonable excuse? :D cuz I made him a DIY V-card ♥  :) That's why!

Front View: It looks more like a birthday card than a V-card? Lol

Content : in manderin, oh please, I know but don't laugh.

Back View: Just a simple one but nice?
So, how was it? Don't tease me, I know I'm not good in art :P Anyway.

Camwhore while waiting for our order, didn't camwhore much that day.

His epic face.

Our nommies, looks good but taste sucks! Not worth it!

So that's how my Valentine's Day is :(
I'm not happy, seriously. You people must wondering why isn't it?

I didn't receive any V-pressie from him, or red roses and not even a DIY V-card.
I don't enjoy the dinner as it was really sucks. I won't visit the cafe anymore, I swear.
Everything is ruined and I was kinda in bad mood as this should not happen on my V-day.

You know, as a girl, who doesn't wish to have a romantic candlelight dinner, a bouquet of roses, v-pressie & sweet words from the love ones huh? and Valentine's Day only happens once a year. How could someone just ruined it like this?

On V-day, yes, I cried, I complained, I'm keep nagging about everything... I blamed him for not being a sweet boyfriend. I know I shouldn't but I just couldn't control my feeling that time.

I saw lotsa girl's blog, facebook or even twitter post how sweet they were and also lotsa pixies that show-offed what their boyfriend had prepared/gave them. How sweet, I'm really envy. Perhaps I'm not the lucky one? :'(

This's my worst ever Valentine's Day in my life for moment. Damn it!!!

Last year is better than this year :(
Last year, at least, I received a Hello Kitty box which fulled of Hello Kitty sweets & Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a ring which engraved with his name for me. He knows I'm a big fan of Hello Kitty. Aww how sweet and lovely.

Well, he promised he would compensation me the next time. Really? I'll be waiting... and I hope he would make up his promise.

Anyway, I do really appreciate you for being together with me on this special day even though it's not a happy one? I believe there'll be more good day in future right?

No worry, we're still in a relationship at moment :)
So, how was your Valentine's Day?

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