Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Should I...?

As title given...
I'm thinking whether should I do a giveaway for you readers? ♡ :) Any comments?
NO COMMENTS = NO GIVEAWAY! Yes, this's my first time and please don't ask me what is it about, I would like to keep it as secret first until seeing the response from you guys only decide whether to giveaway or not! ♥

PS:// Did you people realized that I keep update almost everyday? How efficient am I as a blogger! Lol

Well, today's 5th January. Tomorrow, 6th Jan is 13th monthsary of me and the boyfie ♥ Time passes really fast and I couldn't imagine that we have been going through so many things until now! Aww I do appreciate & cherish everything that happens between us. I LOVE YOU, MY BOYFRIEND ♥

Too bad, I'll be having English test tomorrow! No worry, I will come back early to celebrate this such special meaningful day with you! ♡ *bear hug*

Music of the week ♡
I love this song which makes me feel so calm & comfort! :)


lisa said...

I really appreciate your awesome job of blogging mostly everyday!! I really love your blog!!! It is very interesting. I wonder if u can do some makeup tutorials?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog and your hard work blogging! I wonder if u can do some makeup tutorials!!

【 Michelle 晴意 】♥ said...

Maybe you can try giving out some mini gift as a try out. Then see the response of your readers. If the response dont go well then no point giving out right. And your blog many readers are regular ones so why dont hit it a try. Btw, don't forget mine yaaa with the giveaway gift :)

<3 michelle Lee

Bay said...

Wow! Very interesting blog you had here! Wish to connect with you on Google Friend Connect! Cheers! =) (

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being with your boyfriend for that long. :D Time flies doesn't it?