Sunday, January 2, 2011

2nd post in 2011 ♥

Hello readers! Just wanna update a short post here! Boyfie is playing mahjong with his sisters! :) So here I am for blogging to kill time! Lol

Well, today is boyfie's mum birthday
"Aunty, I wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you had a great day with us ♥"
Just now we went out for dinner at Restaurant Foong Yit@ Bukit Sri Bintang, Kepong! :) We ordered 5 dishes for 6pax! Wtf I ate too much and so fulled! Diet plan definitely phailed again! :( FMS so I'm going to diet start from tomorrow onwards! Tell myself, eat less, else I'll be a fatty during CNY! Hmm....

After dining, we went to Kepong Jusco for a walk! Bought something for myself as New Year pressie from Etude House! :) ♥ Two polish nails! Lol

The color are mad chioness, good quality, nice and of course cheap & affordable!

What more? Now they are having promotion for selected items! So get it now whatcha you waiting for? :) Aww I love the purple color one ♥ Bye, I'm going to paint my nails soon... teehee!

ADD ON:// something funny conversation between boyfie and me! (",)

Me : "B, I think you should use Micky as your nickname! haha..."
Boyfie : "Huh? Don't want, I want something special!"
Me : "Okay, then use 'You' as your nickname! Cool isn't it?"
Boyfie : "....?"
Me : Because why? I think 'You Fang' this name sounds kinda cool, don't you think so? Okay, let's imagine that one day if someone ask what's your name? Then you say, "I'm You." Then I bet the person will be so "huh? pardon." and answer you back "Huh? You are me?!" Lol

Okay, end! Are you laughing right now? Enjoy! ♡ XD

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