Monday, January 31, 2011

My Birthday + Giveaway ♥

Taa-daaaa! I'm back!
I just got up due to my mobile keep ringing non-stop by getting lotsa messages... I can't get back to sleep, so what to do right now? Blogging will do :D

Sorry I didn't update all during this fortnight, hmm blame my laziness! Lol Chinese New Year is around the corner, 3 more days to go... I don't feel excited at all! Apparently, I prefer Christmas more than CNY! I loves Xmas songs rather than CNY songs cuz I really get annoyed with "dong dong chiang" something Idk what music instruments that I think it's kinda noisy! Btw I'm not racist I'm a pure Chinese and I do celebrate CNY, just I loves peace & calm music :) wtf I still haven't shop for new clothes yet! :(

Guess what? Today's 31st Jan right? Yayy it's my birthday!!!


Guess what!? I'm going to do my 1st ever giveaway on my birthday! :) Who doesn't loves FREE stuffs? :D HAPPY? Well, I'll be giving out to one of the lucky followers only!

As my previous post I wanted to do a giveaway as a Happy New Year gift and also a way of thanking my readers and friends who supporting me and my blog! Thank you for those who had been following my blog and thank you for hanging around even though I haven't been blogging much! *Opps, I promise I'll be update much as can as possible!* I really enjoying blogging  so much!!! :)

Okay, wondering what is inside the mini-chioness-giveaway?
Please take a look at the prizes and rules before entering okay! :)

Here are the giveaway/prizes for you - only 1 lucky follower of my blog will receive this mini-chioness-giveaway ♥
※ All items are in new and unused condition!
From left to right:
Hair bun ring, Colorful fluffy hairband, falsies and Etude House topcoat!

1. Be a PUBLIC follower of this blog and leave a comment on this post with your valid email address.

- Follow my blog? (+1 Entry) : YES/NO - type your Google Friend Connect name
- E-mail address: - I'll inform the winner by e-mail.
- Did your blogged about this giveaway? (+1 Entry) : YES/NO - share your post link
- Link this giveaway on your sidebar? Must include main picture and direct link to my blog (+1 Entry) : YES/NO - Type your blog URL
- Follow me on Twitter @cherishaeyan? (+1 Entry) : YES/NO - type your Twitter username
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- Join me on Facebook @Cherish 혜연유? (+1 Entry) : YES/NO - leave me comment easy for me to spot you
- Where do you come from? : I'm just curious about it :)

PS:// ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. If you comment more than once, I'll disqualify you.
NOTE: You comment won't show up right away on my section because I'll approve all comments before publishing it.

2. Post about this mini-chioness-giveaway on your blog and submit the link together with your details OR link this post on the sidebar of your blog. Once again, I'll double check this.

3. Follow me on Twitter & join my page on Facebook!
Twitter: (Tweet about this giveaway "@cherishaeyan is doing a giveaway on her blog! Check this out at ♥")
Facebook page: (Leave me comment there easy for me to spot you)

1. This giveaway is open to Malaysia and International followers.
2. This giveaway runs from 31st Jan 2011 - 14th February 2011(11.59pm) PST.
3. Winner will be choose randomly. I'll post out the winner on my blog and I'll also notify you by email at the same time.
4. I will disqualify any comments from who doesn't follow the rules :)
5. I won't be responsible on any lost or stolen parcel during the delivery. Tracking number will be given once I have post out the parcel.
6. Any inquires you can email me:

Thank you for entering and....


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Should I...?

As title given...
I'm thinking whether should I do a giveaway for you readers? ♡ :) Any comments?
NO COMMENTS = NO GIVEAWAY! Yes, this's my first time and please don't ask me what is it about, I would like to keep it as secret first until seeing the response from you guys only decide whether to giveaway or not! ♥

PS:// Did you people realized that I keep update almost everyday? How efficient am I as a blogger! Lol

Well, today's 5th January. Tomorrow, 6th Jan is 13th monthsary of me and the boyfie ♥ Time passes really fast and I couldn't imagine that we have been going through so many things until now! Aww I do appreciate & cherish everything that happens between us. I LOVE YOU, MY BOYFRIEND ♥

Too bad, I'll be having English test tomorrow! No worry, I will come back early to celebrate this such special meaningful day with you! ♡ *bear hug*

Music of the week ♡
I love this song which makes me feel so calm & comfort! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Purple ≠ Barney ♥

Lol! What a lame title! Just put for fun! cuz Purple color always remind me of the purple dinosaur, Barney! ♡ "Yeah Barney is the Dinosaur...." or "I love you, you love me, we are happy family..." Aww I used to watch Barney when I was young kid! Barney is so huge, so purple, so cute! Don't you think so? :)

Whatever! Still remember my previous post mentioned about I've bought polish nails from Etude House? Yea finally I have painted my nails into Purple color yeyy! ♥ ♥ ♥

Purple is the color of week ♥ ♥ ♥
I 100% recommend this color, the color look chio isn't it? Idk why is it look blue here, but it's actually purple color! Hmm
Opps, please do ignore the flaws of my painting skill!!! ughhh

I'm thinking to get more colors since Etude House is doing promotion now! So don't wait and hurry get one for yourself! :) Oh still thinking what color to buy yet!

For me, I think girls must know how to make themselves look good! Well, there's no ugly women in this world but only lazy women! Nowadays lotsa girls know how to do make-up, styling for themselves, but one thing they have really forgot is their nails! How could you ignore the nails since they're part of your body too! Am I right? So take care for your nails, give love to them, they need to be pretty too! Buy polish nails to dress up them pretty like you too! ♥ :)

That's all for now! Tata~

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday is Blue...

Urgghh, Hello! I'm here for blogging again! My blog is fulled of craps! Lol. Currently don't have the mood to do revision so blogging will do! :)

Blogging = earning money ♥ means I've to blog more to earn more money! Aza Aza Hwaiting~

FMS English test will be on this coming Thursday! But I think English need not to study, easy test!? I'm just worrying for Mass Media & Society, Public Relations, Tamadun Islam & Asia and the most eff one - Introduction to Drama! Darn! FML :(

Well, school holiday has already ended! I guess everyone is back to blue mood again? Lol Well, do enjoy your study/work ya! :) Boyfie is starting his sem 2 today, I'm so gonna miss him so much since he's not around to accompany me while I'm having study break now! ♥ Aww I miss him so much even though we meet each other like almost everyday! Hahahaha See how loving are we! As I've told you guys before, we're the "U-HU Gam Couple" Lol

Oh yea, just now I visited Jipaban for the first time. Feel free to visit too, they're having lotsa different shops selling with awesome goodies! Guess what? Bought a tanktop for myself! ♡ It's super duper ultra max cheap! Fuyoh! I think I'll be receiving the parcel on tomorrow or day after tomorrow? *anticipation* Okay, I'll be blogging about it later! :)

Well, that's all for today! I'm going to clean my messy room now! Tata ♥ XOXO

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2nd post in 2011 ♥

Hello readers! Just wanna update a short post here! Boyfie is playing mahjong with his sisters! :) So here I am for blogging to kill time! Lol

Well, today is boyfie's mum birthday
"Aunty, I wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you had a great day with us ♥"
Just now we went out for dinner at Restaurant Foong Yit@ Bukit Sri Bintang, Kepong! :) We ordered 5 dishes for 6pax! Wtf I ate too much and so fulled! Diet plan definitely phailed again! :( FMS so I'm going to diet start from tomorrow onwards! Tell myself, eat less, else I'll be a fatty during CNY! Hmm....

After dining, we went to Kepong Jusco for a walk! Bought something for myself as New Year pressie from Etude House! :) ♥ Two polish nails! Lol

The color are mad chioness, good quality, nice and of course cheap & affordable!

What more? Now they are having promotion for selected items! So get it now whatcha you waiting for? :) Aww I love the purple color one ♥ Bye, I'm going to paint my nails soon... teehee!

ADD ON:// something funny conversation between boyfie and me! (",)

Me : "B, I think you should use Micky as your nickname! haha..."
Boyfie : "Huh? Don't want, I want something special!"
Me : "Okay, then use 'You' as your nickname! Cool isn't it?"
Boyfie : "....?"
Me : Because why? I think 'You Fang' this name sounds kinda cool, don't you think so? Okay, let's imagine that one day if someone ask what's your name? Then you say, "I'm You." Then I bet the person will be so "huh? pardon." and answer you back "Huh? You are me?!" Lol

Okay, end! Are you laughing right now? Enjoy! ♡ XD

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year Eve 2010 ♥

Hello Happy New Year everyone ♡ Happy 1111 :D Last year's NU Year Eve(which is yesterday, 31st Dec 2010) seriously I've no idea where to go so boyfie and me went to DPC a.k.a Desa Park City again! At first, I was planning to have countdown at Genting with my classmates, but end up plan phailed due to transportation's problem! Nevermind, cuz I had fun at DPC! :D

Didn't take much photos! Photos were all taken with Olympus 710 which I think is not really good, quality sucks! :( I wanna get new camera this year! Perhaps Ricoh will be my choice?  Or any others recommended? :)

Okay, back to topic! :)

We reached DPC 8.30pm something. It was soooo crowded and a lil jam due to lotsa cars. Luckily we managed to get a carpark! :) We parked inside there beside the road which near the lake. Thank God!♥

Babyboy bought the blue-polka-dot minnie headband for me! ♥
cute right? Lol

Babyboy looks so happy! So cute ♥

I sms-ed one of my friends see whether they are around or not! Too bad they had changed plan to I-city :( Then I sms-ed another best friend of mine and asked Michelle to come over here to countdown together! Opps. didn't manage to take pix with her and her boyf! cuz we were lost!? HAHA

There was a mini-bazaar & a mini-concert at DPC! :) They were having singing, dancing, rock performances!

This is the MC of ze day! He's so cool I like him cuz he can speak and also sing in Cantonese! Wow, and he tell lotsa jokes for the audience! *big clap for him!*


Boyfie and I sat infront of the stage and enjoyed the show, damn tired cuz we have to wait until 12am for the firework session! Lol



Urghh, blurred! Stupid camera! Gonna buy new one! Hmm...

Do I look like Bongqiuqiu here? LMAO

DPC also invited some dancing group from Battleground! Idk who are they! but I think I saw a familiar guy from my college, he's from Idk-what-shorty-group!? Lol

Fake-snow sprayed by other people.
People around us were so happy, I think everyone is waiting for firework session only? XD

12am sharp, everyone is countdown-ing for fireworks and also NU Year ♥
Some pixies of fireworks!






I asked boyf to take a photo of me with the firework background!
Ended up like this, I was so speechless -,-

I think my skill is much more better than him!
Who says cannot!? Obviously it's someone's skills problem!!! Hmm

Last, DJ played hits songs, everyone playing fool around, dancing and shouting like nobody's business! Lol

Last pix of us ♥

Then went back home around 2.30am something.

What an awesome night ♥ gotta do a new plan for 2011! :) I'll be blogging soon, stay tuned! :)