Friday, December 31, 2010

Enjoyed the 2010 Life ♥


Hey guys! WOW ♡ Today is the last day of 2010, enjoy yourselves & a Happy New Year! :)
Obviously the time flies! I feel like I'm still in the 2010 mode! Lol

So, it's time to summary the life in 2010! ♡ YEAH!
Well I really enjoyed in this two-ow-oh-ten! :)


Yea this is the second year I celebrate NYE with my boyfie ♥ yea, we're still together in sweet sweet love ♥ ♥ I love you so much and we're like the "u-hu gam" couple that can never be separated... chu~ You're like my air, I can't live without you! LOL

Hmm... Boyfie is going back to hometown with his family on Monday. He told me he will be back on Wednesday! Afterwards, his mom changed her mind for staying one more day! So it means I'll be seeing him on Thurday! :'( I was so sad cuz I missed him so badly and I feel so empty without him! Then boyfie sms-ed told me that her mom's friend got something to give her but too bad they weren't at home so he said the aunt will come to my house and pass the thing to me! Then he called me that the aunt reached already asked me to wait her outside my home, then I walked outside and waited for the aunt, I was alone and so scared because it was already 9pm... Suddenly, I heard a great footstep walking behind from me.... I was kinda shocked!

Guess what!? I saw 'something'..... red one!

AWW It was HIM!!!!! wearing a red color shirt! LOL My beloved boyfie ♡ aww I was so surprised and my tears falls immediately cuz I thought he will be back at late night then we have to meet on the next day, Thursday! He said he wanna to give me a surprise! His bad, made me cried so badly but I love the moment when he hugs me tightly! ILY ♥ ♥

I started my college life in May 2010! I enjoyed my college life so much! I love everything especially the moments with my college friends! They are just like my 2nd-family! We used to sing "I love you, you love me, we're happy family...." I love them so much! They give me lotsa laughs, sobs, funny moments.... We, B6 are the best class among the PR classes! Too bad, we're going to be separated starting from next semester due to the over-number-people in one class! I'm so sad, seriously! The feeling is like broke up with the loved one, hmmm.... I don't care! I don't wanna separate with you guys! However, no matter and wherever we go, we're still in one! I love you guys and I would never forget the happy moments we have been through these days! 

I got an invitation and get a pair of free movie tix to watch premiere of Altitude. It was my first time to watch premiere! Lol Thanks for the invitation, special thanks to Nuffnang MY and aslo TGV Cinemas! ♥

I earn my first Nuffnang cheque in 2010! WOW ♥ *a big clap for myself!* I hope I can earn more, and of course I need to be blogging more often! I promise I'll try my best to update more as well! Yeah, more cheques and cashsss coming into my pocket! ♡

Got a new notebook, which is very convenient for me to bring to college for doing assignments! :)

Did a video which is I think is kinda lame! Lol
Feel free to watch it? Enjoy and laugh for more :) Do subcribe me on Youtube!

Dyed my hair with Liese Bubble Hair :) the color was not really obvious on me, but nice try thou!

I'm still in diet! Aza aza Hwaiting~ I'm going to force myself to loss fats before the CNY! Hey Cherish, I tell you, you better loss weight or else you can't fit on the pretty & kawaii clothes anymore! Hmm.... Eat less, Do more exercise! :) You know what, I gained lotsa weight after being together with my boyfie, OPPS! I should have control myself not to eat too much, toooo late!!! *sobs*

Do I look like Japanese? haha I wear yukata for the first time to BonOdori ♡ It's kinda hard to wear it on, boyfie helped me and practiced to wear it on during the midnight which is a day before BO! Lol, no kidding! My friends were so surprised to see me wear in yukata, they said I look like a real Japanese! Lol However it's fun and cool experience to wear yukata, I wanna go for next year BO! Hope boyfie and me wearing yukata together for BO 2011 :)

I gave bloods for the first time in my life! WOW, I did have fun and it's not pain at all, seriously! I wanna donate more bloods for every 3 months. RYTHM - Raise Yourself To Help Mankind! Donate bloods for helping people! :)

I watched FIFA World Cup 2010 for very first time with my boyfie! WAKA WAKA EH EH~ I gave my first time to him, lol! Although I don't really understand why do people like to watch football, just watching everyone run here run there to chase a football! XD However, really enjoyed the final match! Have to wait 4 more years to watch the next WC! :) Next venue will be at London isn't it? Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong ya!

Online selling for the first time :D Interested to buy Usagi headbands?
Kindly leave me a comment with your name, e-mail and the color!
PS:// each design of color available 1 only! B&WPOLKA DOT SOLD OUT :)

Okay, so here's the last post for 2010!
Hopefully life gets better in 2011 ♡ ♡ ♡
I'm going to Desa Park City for countdown with the boyfie later! Tata ♥

Wish everyone here,

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