Sunday, December 5, 2010



Woohoo, finally it's December! my month! Why say so? Because December is Xmas month! and also YES - Year End Sales is everywhere! Lol. I'm so excited this month!!

So, I am here to 'awake' my dead blog UHMM sorry. Hmm, I've got 3 upcoming post to be up  :) I'll be back to update once my pc get repaired, so stay tuned! :*( Sighs! I don't know what's wrong with it, it just keeps shut-down automatically within 10 minutes when open it! But I couldn't update with my baby black (lappie) cuz I need to edit lotsa pixies like tons of it :( I can't install Photoshop because it's just a notebook. WTHF Window Starter!

PS:// Tomorrow 6th Dec will be boyfie and my 1st Anniversary I LoveYou!!!

Okay, so wish everyone here a "Merry Christmas". XOXO

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