Monday, November 22, 2010

Love is Peace ♥


Yea, I know I didn't update my blog again, I broke up my promise again! Sorry I'm really so busy, seriously. I hate, but I've no idea to do with it! Darn :'(

Well, have to rush lotsa assignments! :( Gotta watch Streetcar named Desire later! somemore need to do themes, setting & etc! Oh and English dialog script! Mid-term exams is around the corner! Oh-my-god! FML.

Hmm... I did a Blue color for my nails, nice huh? Yea, Blue color is the color of month! ♥ :)

Okay, just a short update for today! I feel so sleepy. *yawning*
Aww, should take a break and continue my works later :( tata ♥

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