Sunday, November 14, 2010

14th Nov is Orange Day Movie Day ♥

just noticed that myself look so fake! look like a porcelain doll? lol

Sighs! Didn't manage to update my blog often! my last post was 10days ago :( Sorry I'm so busy lately due to assignments, logbook, presentations, preparations for mid-term-exam and etc... English essay is on next Monday while Mass Media and Society on next Tuesday, if I'm not forgotten? Darn! and what, I've no enough of sleep, that's why I got my dark eyes circle and also eyebag! Eww I look so fugly! FML How to eliminate/depuffing it? How good if it can be erased by eraser, then I would just simply erase it right away lol. See how good is my imagination! *syok-sendiri pula*

Hmm Imma going to buy Garnier eye-roller. But which one to choose? *I'm in dilemma* what's the differences of both? Quite confusing of it :( or any other products suggestion?

Is this good? any comment about it?

Oh well my hair is getting longer, and the stupid bangs keep pokes on my eyes! Still thinking whether keep it long or cut it? *facing another big dilemma again* My friend said I look cute in short bangs, oh my really? but boyfie asked me to keep it long! OH-MY-GOD!!! What do you think? Tell me what to do?? wtf DILEMMA! :(

Promise I would keep update often! Give me some time okay :) still waiting for my Nuffnang cheque, I've waited for so long... can't wait! I wanna shopping!!! ♥ ♥

So, that's all for today :)
Not forget to wish everyone "Orange Day Movie Day" ♥ enjoy your day ya! :)



story-onstage said...

hehe , how much u got from nuffnang a?

Cherish 혜연유 ♥ said...

Shhh... can't tell! haha