Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Hmm I'm so busy recently... is all about assignments! :( Well, rushing for assignments as I need to submit on next week; Tamadun Islam on Monday while Mass Media ones on Wed! Shitz! Then tomorrow I'll be having 2 presentations which are English oral and Drama slides presentation! DARN! -cry out loud- I CAN'T ACCEPT IT!

One thing that I don't understand is why do we have to study Tamadun Islam & Asia?
I hate everything about history, I hate to memorize everything, especially people's name! what-for-do-we-need-to-know-and-memorize-your-name-and-your-stuffs-since-you-have-died-like-thousands-years-ago? The point is, I don't know who you are and you don't know am I okay! :( :(

Oh ya, it's now November already! I miss October so much, have to wait until next year again! See how fast the time passes, realized that the time won't wait for you... yea have to catch up the time and do something meaningful, useful :) and what, I feel like 24hrs doesn't enough for me, can I ask for more?

Let's see my daily routines...
6/24 - sleep hours + dreaming
8/24 - study hours at college
5/24 - doll-up, shower time, eat, drink, pee, day-dreaming & etc
2/24 - do homework, a lil revision (*ehem* don't lie! lol)
the rest hour - mostly online on facebook! yea Imma a online freaks!

See, where got enough time? :(

URGHH should blame myself is it? Okay, I know.

Oh if you did read my previous post, yea you can start to vote at ifeel.
Remember (02. Cherish) Don't vote wrong people huh, lol! Thank you :)

Hmm, honestly I think the voting system is so unfair! Why?
Cuz you know what, you can vote as many times as you want. Like I can vote myself for 154.24655464348767 times if I want. Oh no....!!!! Can you imagine that some people, I didn't mention he or she okay. Ya some people seems to be so free like they have 48hrs to keep pumping and vote themselves non-stop. As you can see the percentages rates keep increasing every moment I click F5(refresh). Woahs, sounds cool and interesting isn't it? Lol!

What I've said was just based on my own opinion, I'm just saying? Freedom of speech okay! :)

So, I don't want to fight for the votes anymore... what for to fight since the voting system is so unfair and I thought one IP address could only vote for once everyday. Do you agree with me? I think ifeel should change their voting system. It's not a competition anymore since people tend to vote by themselves as many as they want? Sighs!

It's okay, it doesn't matter win or lose. Cheer up! :)

I miss Fresh鮮茶工坊™ Bubble Tea, 水蜜桃珍珠野果紅茶 ♥ ♥

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