Monday, November 22, 2010

Love is Peace ♥


Yea, I know I didn't update my blog again, I broke up my promise again! Sorry I'm really so busy, seriously. I hate, but I've no idea to do with it! Darn :'(

Well, have to rush lotsa assignments! :( Gotta watch Streetcar named Desire later! somemore need to do themes, setting & etc! Oh and English dialog script! Mid-term exams is around the corner! Oh-my-god! FML.

Hmm... I did a Blue color for my nails, nice huh? Yea, Blue color is the color of month! ♥ :)

Okay, just a short update for today! I feel so sleepy. *yawning*
Aww, should take a break and continue my works later :( tata ♥

Sunday, November 14, 2010

14th Nov is Orange Day Movie Day ♥

just noticed that myself look so fake! look like a porcelain doll? lol

Sighs! Didn't manage to update my blog often! my last post was 10days ago :( Sorry I'm so busy lately due to assignments, logbook, presentations, preparations for mid-term-exam and etc... English essay is on next Monday while Mass Media and Society on next Tuesday, if I'm not forgotten? Darn! and what, I've no enough of sleep, that's why I got my dark eyes circle and also eyebag! Eww I look so fugly! FML How to eliminate/depuffing it? How good if it can be erased by eraser, then I would just simply erase it right away lol. See how good is my imagination! *syok-sendiri pula*

Hmm Imma going to buy Garnier eye-roller. But which one to choose? *I'm in dilemma* what's the differences of both? Quite confusing of it :( or any other products suggestion?

Is this good? any comment about it?

Oh well my hair is getting longer, and the stupid bangs keep pokes on my eyes! Still thinking whether keep it long or cut it? *facing another big dilemma again* My friend said I look cute in short bangs, oh my really? but boyfie asked me to keep it long! OH-MY-GOD!!! What do you think? Tell me what to do?? wtf DILEMMA! :(

Promise I would keep update often! Give me some time okay :) still waiting for my Nuffnang cheque, I've waited for so long... can't wait! I wanna shopping!!! ♥ ♥

So, that's all for today :)
Not forget to wish everyone "Orange Day Movie Day" ♥ enjoy your day ya! :)


Friday, November 5, 2010

UNIQLO is in Malaysia ♥

People, UNIQLO! Do you know about it?
Yes, UNIQLO!!!! wondering what is UNIQLO? Can eat? drink? alien?

NO WAY!!!!

If you don't know, it's actually a Japan leading clothing chain stores - Japan's No.1 Fashion Apparel Brand, and it's officially launched in Malaysia! Whoo~hoo, yea seriously! Don't miss it out, UNIQLO is currently opens at Fahrenheit 88← formerly known as KL Plaze which is next to Starhill Gallery. Go go go I wanna go, must GO!!! You know what, I missed the grand opening ceremony on today due to having classes *blame schedule*, sighs! DARN :*(

Nevermind, I want to go by this week? either wait few days later... You know, lotsa people queue long-long for grand new opening and I hate to pack with crowded, hot and sweaty, ewww! I would rather go after few days :) See how smart am I! Lol!

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!??????

They're having more offers for us? Check it out @UNIQLO.
Only from 4 Nov -2 Dec 2010. So whacha waiting for? GO! GO! GO!!! ♥ ♥


Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Hmm I'm so busy recently... is all about assignments! :( Well, rushing for assignments as I need to submit on next week; Tamadun Islam on Monday while Mass Media ones on Wed! Shitz! Then tomorrow I'll be having 2 presentations which are English oral and Drama slides presentation! DARN! -cry out loud- I CAN'T ACCEPT IT!

One thing that I don't understand is why do we have to study Tamadun Islam & Asia?
I hate everything about history, I hate to memorize everything, especially people's name! what-for-do-we-need-to-know-and-memorize-your-name-and-your-stuffs-since-you-have-died-like-thousands-years-ago? The point is, I don't know who you are and you don't know am I okay! :( :(

Oh ya, it's now November already! I miss October so much, have to wait until next year again! See how fast the time passes, realized that the time won't wait for you... yea have to catch up the time and do something meaningful, useful :) and what, I feel like 24hrs doesn't enough for me, can I ask for more?

Let's see my daily routines...
6/24 - sleep hours + dreaming
8/24 - study hours at college
5/24 - doll-up, shower time, eat, drink, pee, day-dreaming & etc
2/24 - do homework, a lil revision (*ehem* don't lie! lol)
the rest hour - mostly online on facebook! yea Imma a online freaks!

See, where got enough time? :(

URGHH should blame myself is it? Okay, I know.

Oh if you did read my previous post, yea you can start to vote at ifeel.
Remember (02. Cherish) Don't vote wrong people huh, lol! Thank you :)

Hmm, honestly I think the voting system is so unfair! Why?
Cuz you know what, you can vote as many times as you want. Like I can vote myself for 154.24655464348767 times if I want. Oh no....!!!! Can you imagine that some people, I didn't mention he or she okay. Ya some people seems to be so free like they have 48hrs to keep pumping and vote themselves non-stop. As you can see the percentages rates keep increasing every moment I click F5(refresh). Woahs, sounds cool and interesting isn't it? Lol!

What I've said was just based on my own opinion, I'm just saying? Freedom of speech okay! :)

So, I don't want to fight for the votes anymore... what for to fight since the voting system is so unfair and I thought one IP address could only vote for once everyday. Do you agree with me? I think ifeel should change their voting system. It's not a competition anymore since people tend to vote by themselves as many as they want? Sighs!

It's okay, it doesn't matter win or lose. Cheer up! :)

I miss Fresh鮮茶工坊™ Bubble Tea, 水蜜桃珍珠野果紅茶 ♥ ♥

Monday, November 1, 2010

Vote me on ifeel ♥ ♥ ♥


嘿朋友們 如果妳有購買ifeel最新11月號出版的話 嘿嘿妳真是幸運啊 為甚麼 哈哈 好奇吧
因為本人我登上ifeel雜誌了喔 嗯是我生平第一次耶
真的假的 連我自己都不相信呢 直到自己買了一本來看才知道這是真的 首先要感謝ifeel的編輯喔 謝謝 讓我有這個榮幸登上雜誌的機會 所以 現在全馬的ifeel 11月號雜誌全都有我喔 開心開心
要看我?請各位留意ifeel 11月出版喔 第164頁 是我是我

其實是因為我之前報名了《就是愛淘氣女孩》的單元 現在入圍10強
所以在此慎重地拜託各位 大家們請伸出援手 到ifeel網站去投我一票 助人為快樂之本嘛 就支持我嘛
你們的支持就是我的精神動力 謝謝 當好人不要吝嗇喔 快去投吧

(投我名字 Cherish 不要選錯喔 呵呵)

那我就拜託各位的熱心幫忙囉 鰍~ :3 ♥ ♥ 
天哪 真希望自己是冠軍 頭獎可以獲得Kitschen價值RM500的禮券喔 啊~我要!非我莫屬了!
所以都把希望都寄託在大家的幫忙了喔 千千萬萬個謝謝 *鞠躬*

可以的話 每天去投我一票吧 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈