Saturday, October 9, 2010

Product Review : Liese Bubble Hair - Milk Tea Brown ♥

Liese Bubble Hair Color, have you ever heard about this before? :)
Everyone is talking about it, you can even see the ads on TV right now!
Well, it's a new launched product from Japan!
Finally it's available in Malaysia now! You can get it from many outlets like SASA, Watsons, Guardian, Jusco & etc.

I got mine from Jusco at RM32.20 after discount 15% (N/P RM37.90). I chose Milk Tea Brown ♥ this was my 2nd time to dye my hair, seriously! Last time I used Gastby's Classic Mocha, I remember I dyed my hair after CNY 2009. Hmm... might try Palty either Beauteen next time!

How to DIY with Liese Bubble Hair? I tell you it's easy like ABC, seriously.
If you don't know how to do it, just following the instructions given.

Items included in the box.

Before using, make sure that you had prepared following items like a large towel/cape or newspapar(if you don't have one of it), towel, oil-based skin cream, mirror, clock and tissue paper/cotton pad! The gloves is included in the box, so don't worry!
First, pour the colorant from bottle 1 (the maroon bottle) into bottle 2. Afterwards, close the white lid again! Liese Bubble is unlike other DIY dyes that require you to shake the bottle vigorously, so inverted gently & slowly repeat approximately 5 times until they mixed evenly. Shaking too hard will cause the mixture to bubble inside the bottle, so be careful on that!

So this is how it looks like after inverted :)
Remember remove the white lid and replace it with the foamer cap and twist it until it is tightly sealed. Before you start, comb through your hair and make sure there's no tangles, especially girls with long hair.

Then, put on gloves and you can begin to squeeze the bottle and start bubble your hair! Remember don't tilt the container too much, just squeeze the center of the bottle about 3-4 pumps, it will dispense as foam. The smell of foam is totally stinks, I can't bear with it!

Next, apply a generous amount of the foam from the roots to the ends and gently massage it until hair is completely covered. The more you do it, the more even your coverage. Make sure your hair is filled completely with the bubbles, then leave on for 30 minutes... Don't leave on the bubbles too long, the result color might be fade out/looks different.

(Ignore me without make-up...)

FYI://ONE BOX IS REALLY ENOUGH FOR ME!! Hair length like mine (chest-length hair) used up the entire dye bottle just nicely, the amount of foam is really aloads, just finish it as you can!

After time's up, shampoo throughly and rinse it well. Use hair conditioner afterwards, they even provided a small packet of leave-on nourishing hair lotion for you in the box. It's purposely to smoothen and nourish your newly colored hair :)

The outcomes...?

My hair color looks much more lighter than before!

But it doesn't looks really obvious during indoor, hmm...

Under the sunlight - as you can see on the top, the color looks a lil reddish-maroon :)

While the bottom seems like high-light, something like orange mixed with milk-tea color!


At first, I was kinda worried about the outcome.
But lil sis & boyfie said my hair color now looks like Mocha Orange mixed Glossy Brown! LOL

Anyway, Liese Bubble Hair is not bad, it's simple & easy to use, especially for those who wanna try DIY dye at home. Liese with it's bubbling concept, so don't worry the outcome color will be uneven :) Somemore after coloring the hair, it didn't feel/look damaged at all, was so soft to touch, seriously! Btw, I didn't take for the allergy skin test before dye my hair, oppps! tsk tsk tsk

For those people who choose this color, you might not get 100% of the same color result exactly like the example shown because what your resulting color will turn out to be heavily depends on your original hair color, texture, condition, etc.
Tips:// For those who never dye hair before or you're having black hair, I recommend you to choose the most bright color, or else the outcome color will doesn't looks obvious :)

So, that's all for my Liese Bubble post :)
Any inquires, please do leave a comment for me.
I would be happy of it!



thank you sharing this...
i wan 2 try this^^

Queen of Babble said...

Just bought this today! The colour looks nice on you :) Was your hair originally black (undyed) before Liese?

Cherish 혜연유 ♥ said...

Queen of Babble
Yup, my hair was originally black before using Liese Bubble Hair! :)

mizzy said...

May I ask what did you used to achieve the color of your hair in your cover picture? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love your hair!!:) did you use 2 bottles and how long did u leave the dye in your hair for?