Tuesday, October 5, 2010

051010 : New Bangs

Hey peepo :) I'm back for blogging! miss me?
yea, sorry for ze lack updating!

Actually I just got back from hair-cut just now. I love my new bangs, it's a superb thick bangs!!! so cute! I meant the bangs! ♥
Yayyy, that's me!
wondering why my cheek look so pinkish blush! hehe and please ignore my dark eyes circle!

Urgh-hem *clear throat* It's already Oct now! The time is passing way too fast!!! Well, just begin to start my semester 2, guess what! I don't like the new timetable, darn! *sobs* Oh my goodness, who actually made this? I meant the gap hours is TOO long like hundred-thousand hours and we don't know what to do, and can you imagine that we just lepak here and there for nothing, just wasting our time & money! Time = Money. So if we're wasting time means we're wasting our money too! We pay for study, not for lepak! -.-

I've an idea, why not we rent a room near our college, then we can rest and do our discussion or assignments during the gap hours? Somemore, we can napping in the afternoon too! Woahs, sounds not bad huh? Y AM I SO CLEVER!?? LOL Btw, most of my classes end at at 5pm, *screaming-out-loud* I hate this! Because 5pm is not a good time, everywhere will jam like shit and I'll be late home!

I'm going to start my co-co activity this sem, I chose Gym! Yes, I wanna keep fit, cut down fats & make myself healthy! If you have a healthy body then only you will have wealthy, isn't it? I wanna earn more money, still waiting for my Nuffnang cheque! Can't wait! :D and also for my parcel, I think I will be getting it on tomorrow? *exciting*

Sem 2, Imma put more effort, study hard and try my best to attend every lectures and tutorial classes! I wanna score good results! I'm not satisfied with my sem 1 final result! Damn regret for not studying hard enough, what to do? Promise myself I'll do better this time, I'll pay more attention in classes and do more revision! Cherish, hwaiting~♥ ♥

Oh ya, I'm going to dye my hair soon! stay tuned for my next post :)

Okay, that's all for today.


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minniekay said...

super cute haircut (: and can't wait to see it get dyed!