Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yumcha Session

It's been long time never having yumcha session already since I started my college life! :) so I texted to my primary school best-friend, Michelle asked her for yumcha! Long time never meet her since 6th of January(yes I still remember!), that time I used to be her nails model.  LOL

This time is gonna be different cuz she is bringing along her boyfriend, Danny. so am I! Could you believe that Michelle, my boyfriend and me were classmates since primary school? Time passes too fast, everyone has grown up, and the most awesome thing is, we're still keeping in touch! :D
Pix of 3 classmates knew since primary school
from left : Michelle, moi & ze boyf! :D

Okay, so we had our night-time yumcha session(8.30pm) at Old Town White Coffee @Menjalara. I chose that place cuz the environment at night seems very comfortable, nice night view and of course it's affordable and suitable to chill with friends! Most of the Old Town coffee shops provide Wi-fi, so you can bring along you lappie online via their Wi-fi hotspots all the time until the wee hours, lol. I thought it would be so packed that day, but it was totally out of my expectation. I meant not many people, good lah! :) maybe due to the Hari Raya season? Since everyone is hungry, so four of us(2 couples) had our dinner there!
picture got from :)

As usual, I ordered the Ice Enriched Chocolate & Nasi Lemak Special :// actually nothing special about the nasi lemak, but don't know why their nasi lemak tastes so differently. I love their sambal(chilly paste) :D Of course it's not good as the nasi lemak you can eat at various nasi lemak street stalls. What I meant is the nasi lemak is not very hot for me, acceptable!

So four of us been chatting lotsa craps while having ze dinner! :) Afterwards, we headed to Desa Park City for a walk or can say to digest the fats. LOL since Michelle and her boyf never been to DPC, so why not have a visit together! :) Desa Park City is actually a beautiful freehold residences surrounding with nice views environmental and some good facilities(playground, 6-acre park, swimming pool, wading pool, 24-hour security and etc). I believe many people especially couples would go there for a simple dating! LOL you can have a walk along the wading pool, it's kinda romantic for couples :) Yes, this's true!
Can you see the signboard of Desa Park City? :)

Nightview from the lakeside :)

Along the pathway..

Suitable for walk-after-dinner, especially couples! ♥ ♥

You might get to see turtles in the lake!

The artificial-river!

The couples - Michelle & Danny! ♥ ♥

and here's me and the boyf! ♥ ♥ - Our scary pixies!
note:// get ready before you view our pix! haha
Look, both of us look so scary, aren't we? haha
Boyf's face look so pale/white due to the BB cream! #EdwardtheVampirewannabe lol

After DPC, we headed to Damansara McDonalds for 2nd round yumcha session! lol yea, we got too much things to chat :D Gossip is the best thing to kill time!!!

All right, that's all for this post! Till then :)

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