Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thai Nom Nom Kap ♥

Hey peeps, savadhika! :D

I just reached home and straight away online to update my blog! See, how efficient am I! lol Well, I just had my dinner with family at Restaurant Yee Wen Tom Yam Thai Foods @Kepong Baru! yea, the food is superb delicious, I ate sooo much! (OMG! my diet plan phailed again!) I'm so fulled right now! Let me introduce you the Thai restaurant now! :)
So this's the signboard of the restaurant! :) Interested?
This restaurant is located at :

Lot 01-3818, Jalan Helang Merah,
Kepong Baru Industrial Estate, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact number (H/P) : 016-625 2018 / 016-272 8223

Although the environment is not so outstanding, but it's quite okay! I mean this's not like those dirty one that makes you don't dare to step in and feel like vomitting! lol Well, the point is not on the deco of the restaurant okay, is the food! The food is the main character, Thai food is super duper yummy! *drooling* You gotta try this! :)
Yea, I love Thai food!!! especially hot, spicy and sour - Tom Yam!
you know what? Thai food is too yummuy so for those who's on diet you might want to control your eating! :D For me, I'm totally phailed today! :*( I just can't resists good food, whoever dare to resist is considered as a sinner! LOL Being not to eat good foods is a big evil to myself! diet can always starts tomorrow! LMAO

Had sushi before the Thai foods being served! :)

We were just 6 persons only! But mommy ordered for 7 dishes. WOAHS! :D
(Daddy, mommy, lil sis, mommy's friend, moi & of course my lil boyf! ♥ )

# Dish 1 - Telor Goreng Udang $ 8.00 MYR

# Dish 2 - Paku Baracan $ 8.00 MYR

# Dish 3 - Patai Sambal Ayam $ 12.00 MYR

# Rice bowl - looks cute isn't it? :D

# Thai White Rice - $ 7.20 MYR

# Dish 4 - Fish Cake $12.00 MYR

# Dish 5 - Kerabu Meogo Cinkap $ 28.00 MYR

Guess what is this? :)

#Dish 6 - yea, it's Tomyam Soup! (free)

Dish 7 - Sayu Sayu Goreng Tepu $ 12.00 MYR

Woahs!!! I'm drooling while blogging this. LOL
Conclusion, the price is really cheap, like seriously! and we got extra 20% discount too! I was wondering why got discount one!? Anyway, feel so satisfied & enjoyed the food, am so happy!!! :D 

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