Monday, September 6, 2010

Off to Sekinchan with boyf and family ♥

Last Saturday, I woke up pretty early in the morning 8am to get prepared myself. Then meet up with boyf and off to Sekinchan with his family around 10am plus :) yea, this was my ever first time outing with his family(I was kinda paiseh actually) So it was a one-day-"balik kampung"(back to hometown). boyf asked me to follow along since I never been to Sekinchan before(perhaps I did but it was long time ago probably when I was still a kid? I can't really recall.) plus it's a good chance to escape away from the city, why not? so I said ok! :)
PS:// this photo was actually taken on the day I went to Bukit Tinggi *I haven't blog about it!* with boyf's family. I put this cuz I didn't take any pix on Sat! *sighs* :(

Spot my 17-teen bag :)
Yes I'm wearing shorts♥ brought so many thinggy:// body lotion, magazine(ViVi, Popteen, Scawaii), clothes, notebook, mechanical pencil, eraser, sweater, purse, hairband and etc. Because boyf said the weather there is so much hotter than KL and there's none interesting places or any shopping malls to visit, just paddy fields... so magazines is ready for kill time! :D

We arrived at Sekinchan after 1hour plus journey. Everyone was hungry and stomach is craving for food, so we had our brunch at somewhere 老字號餐廳 to eat chicken rice! *om nom nom* Too bad I didn't take lotsa pix that day, sighs :'( Anyway, something ridiculous happened, we finished our meal within 15 minutes, lol. Guess we were too hungry!? Afterwards, off to boyf's daddy's papa(boyf's granddad)'s house a.k.a boyf's home town. lol
Well, Sekinchan is a very nice and relaxing place where located in state of Selangor which famous with paddy fields and it's also near the port/seaside. It's kinda kampung(rural) feel and you will feel so relaxed cuz the people here are kinda ordinary plus it's far away from the city. I meant they are having a really normal life, not like KL people so complicated, busy-bugs, stressful. You might also see the people here riding motorcycle without helmet cuz there's no polices would saman you! LOL :D Boyf's hometown is quite near to paddy fields! Unfortunately the paddies have been reaped,  means we have no fate to see the yellowish paddies! Hmm, maybe next time!?

Pix below are grabbed from website! Let's have a look of Sekinchan paddy fields! See, those paddies are arranged in order, so neatly... boyf said it was managed by machinery nowadays, no farmers would plant by themselves like those days anymore as machinery can save more time and effort! Wow, technology!!!

How beautiful are the paddy fields! :)

Reached boyf's hometown, the adults were having mahjong time while we the youngsters were suffering from the hotness, so boyf drove us off to outside to buy some snacks meanwhile enjoy the coldness in car. LOL Had 搖搖冰 for the very first time in Sekinchan, so yummy! After that, back home and watch 《初戀紅豆冰》- Ice Kacang Puppy Love by Malaysia singer also actor, Ah Niu. Credit for him! :) Boyf's sisters said this movie is boring, but for me I think it's quite meaningful...

I likey one of the phrases in ze movie : 『初戀就像紅豆冰一樣,吃進口裡又冰又甜,甚至把嘴凍得很疼,但來不及感受就融化了;甜蜜卻又苦澀,把心刺疼了,像紅豆冰一樣,還來不及再感受,就已經融化了,只能在記憶裡留下...』

Snacks time! *nom nom* Likey BIKA the most!!

Went back home at 5pm something, mad tiring and I slept on the way home. We reached home at 8pm plus, pretty late due to traffic jam! Conclusion, really enjoyed myself with ze boyf and his familly!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ *winks*

Hope to visit Sekinchan again, bye!

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