Thursday, September 16, 2010

Movie Day with boyf ♥

Wednesday is movie day! ♥ ♥ 

Yesterday baby boy dated me to One U cuz he has bought PCK movie tickets, thank you baby! chu~ I love Puah Chu Kang and Rosie! I used to watch all the series dramas of Phua Chu Kang on ntv7 last time! I like to see him acting funny like an ah beng & I like the way he talks in Singlish-slang! lol
Otw going to 1 Utama...
Opps, sorry! I look so fugly :'(

I look super duper fugly the whole day cuz didn't manage to curls my hair! *sobs* :'(

and I'm getting so chubby during this sem-break! FMS :'(

We arrived at 1U at 12pm something. After got our tickets at the redemption counter, had a walk first since the movie starts at 1.45pm.

Yayy, I feel like never going out for shopping for ages already, seriously like almost half-year? Usually I do shopping via online cuz it's so convenient and their price is a lot cheaper than the mall's one. I bet everyone loves shopping, especially the ladies isn't it? I wish I'm a shopaholic! :D (only if I am financial freedom?)

Bought a large popcorn and Ice Lemon Tea before we entered the cinema! I love corn! ♥ After got to our seats then start eating popcorn while waiting for ze movie starts! I was so excited to watch movie with boyf, I enjoyed the time we spent together! I love to stick with him, he makes me feel so warm. I love you! *blush*

Finally, the movie starts playing...
while watching I started feeling weird cuz I saw an ang-moh(Caucasian) guy at the beginning! I looked at boyf and asked him whether he bought the wrong tix or we entered the wrong cinema room -.- Suddenly the screen shown up - Cats and Dogs : The Revenge of Kitty Galore! Boyf and I was like "omg" so speechless, he didn't even remember what movie he had booked and we didn't checked the movie tickets when we redeemed it! lol Oh it's okay, nevermind! This's also one of my must-watch-movies-list. As long as I'm watching with you  hehe

Luckily we did enjoy the movie!
After that, we continue to walk and shopping again! :D I got myself a pants! I've been looking the pants for so long already cuz it's so hard to find the design and color I like plus it's so cheap! So yea, I'm so happy! *happygirlface* :// Btw, I'm going to get some nice 70's oversized denim shirt and a tall trousers!

Camwhore while waiting for foods being served! :)
I look sucks! please just ignore my fugly face!

Happy! Ricebox bento ♥ *slurrp*

V-soy is Love ♥ ♥

Then, we headed to Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks to have our dinner! As usual, ordered 2 set of Happy! Ricebox bento, also comes with Soy Bean ♥ my fav - XXL Fried Chicken! *drooling* Don't know why everytime I eat this bento, I feel so happiness! No wonder the bento named as Happy!Ricebox bento :D I love to eat this bento with my boyf, feel more sweet and happiness♥♥  their Fried Chicken and Soy Bean is so good!!! I always think that having meal with the love one will makes whatever you eat taste delicious! LOL Do you agree with me? *winks*

I really enjoyed the whole day because you're with me! You really made my day and I feel so happy. I love dating with you because it's just two of us.


Anonymous said...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

Cherish 혜연유 ♥ said...

Oh Thank you! you can email me at :)