Monday, September 6, 2010


Yea, I cut my bangs :)

Hey people, I'm on sem-break holidays mode right now! I'm so happy for real! ♥ ♥ hehe, I'm going to plan a schedule to kill my time during sem-break about 3 weeks long, whoaps! I'm just like a bird who being set free... singing:// "See me fly, I'm flying in the sky.." lol.

What-to-do-list on my sem-break!

1. Blog more about daily routines
I need to update more, attract more readers, earn more cashsss from Nuffnang, still waiting for my cheque :)

2. Diet!
I need to eat less and cut down my fats, 40kg would be the best for me!
Hwaiting Cherish~♥ must slim down within 3 weeks!

3. Outings and yumcha with friends ! ♥ ♥
Yes, keep in touch with them! ♥ ♥

4. Cam-whore!
Try to camwhore more so I can update my blog here! lol

5. Do massage to get slim! :D
Focus on my thigh, waist, arm, leg and etc. I wanna be slim!!!

6. Pass my Undang!
I wanna fetch my boyf, drive high-speed on the highway like Initial-D!
lol *I'm just kidding!*

7. Movies + Dramas + Animes + Cartoons Marathon
Yayyy, gonna watch Pokemon、 女人最痛、公主嫁到
any nice cartoons/animes/dramas/movies to recommend???

8. Book Fair!
Visit book fair at KLCC with boyf ♥ ♥

9. Purikura with boyf!
Happy 9Monthsary on 6th Sep 2010 :3 I love you!!

10. Become a smart-phone user.
my baby black's (Sony Ericsson K750i) speaker got problem already! I can't hear any voices except using earphones, so it's quite troublesome to me! :'( saw many people using BB! I want one too!!

So I'm thinking to buy Curve 8520 either Bold 9700?
my friend suggested me to buy Nokia e5 instead of BlackBerry cuz it has more functions and the price is much more affordable, almost same price with BB 8520!
*I'm in dilemma of choosing which one to buy, seriously*

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